June 10, 2021

X3 Fitness Transformations: Rey

A before and after photo of X3 user Rey Descalso

Rey is a 47-year-old X3 user and former weightlifter. He lifted weights for over 10 years and spent around three hours per week in the gym.

In that span, he focused on bodybuilding, traditional strength training, and HIIT training.

Rey’s X3 Experience and Nutrition Protocol

Rey dedicates just one to two hours per week to his X3 workouts. He first noticed significant results two months after he began working out with X3.

Rey follows a strict carnivore diet protocol and uses Fortagen daily. He eats healthy during the week and eats freely on the weekends.


Have you had any significant weightlifting injuries and setbacks?

Traditional deadlifts and squats caused back and leg injuries about 3 times a year. Each injury meant 3 to 4 weeks of no exercise and reversal of any progress. I’ve had no injuries using the X3 even though the intensity of my workouts has increased exponentially.

What results have you experienced since starting with X3?

I used to walk around at 210. Now I’m 195. Pants are loose in the waist, but tight on the thighs and calves. I’m in month 13 and can’t believe how good my body looks and feels. More muscular, more vascular, more flexible, and always looking forward to the next X3 workout.

Have you tried Fortagen? If so, how does it compare to other muscle-building supplements you have taken in the past?

It’s extremely light and easily digested. No bloat or fullness like other products. Also, it works. My recovery from workouts improves, and I accrue new tissue faster than any other protein product I’ve tried.

What results have you experienced since incorporating Fortagen?

I’ve been using Fortagen to support fasting for 5 months. I’ve noticed rapid strength and size gains and increased vascularity.

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