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X3 FAQ - Why do I need the bar?

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X3 FAQ - Why do I need the bar?

May 15, 2018

Some people who don’t fully understand how powerful these bands are, wonder why someone would nee the bar at all? This video explains why you cannot use these powerful bands without the bar.

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  • Okay the question is often asked: There’s existing rubber band products, usually made of molded rubber not latex.

Why would one need the bar when you could just train with bands?

Well the reason you don’t see people training with just bands is because when you get the bands heavy, they hurt your ankles and they hurt your wrists.

So we’re not gonna try and hurt Charles here, but we’re going to have him attempt to do a chest press with just the band alone. So he’s gonna try and press outward, and you can see because of a process called neural inhibition his wrists are being twisted and he can’t perform the movement.

Now go ahead and stop, and we’re—hold it right there. We’re hooking the band up, to the bar. And this is an Olympic bar, full specification Olympic bar and handle, well over 600 pounds.

All right. Now, go ahead and, slow and controlled, push away from yourself, just like with an Olympic bar.

Benefits of using a bar in resistance training

Perfect. No discomfort in the wrist. And now he’s getting the benefit of tremendous forces at the top, and he can fatigue all ranges of motion simultaneously—first at the top, then the middle, then the back.

At the peak he’s handling 300 pounds, 137 kilos, with this movement.

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