January 10, 2018

X3 FAQ: How many reps should I do/What band should I use?

This FAQ addresses a question that’s taken a lot of different forms. People have asked how to choose which band is suitable for a given exercise, how many reps is ideal, or how to tell when one should graduate to a heavier band. All of those questions are addressed in this video.

Full Transcript

All right, a question we often receive is, “How many repetitions should I do per set?”

You have to keep in mind that you’re using a different weight in your strong range of motion than you are in your mid-range of motion, than you are in your weak range of motion.

So the idea that you need to do 10 to 12 repetitions, that’s kinda gone. The objective is different.

Your objective: full fatigue in one set

What we wanna do is fatigue all ranges of motion as quickly as possible within one set.

What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do repetitions. Like let’s say I’m doing a chest press, I’m gonna do repetitions until I can’t get to the almost full extension.

Remember, you don’t wanna go to lock out. And then, I’m gonna ratchet that back. And then, so, let’s say I’ll do 15 repetitions here. Then I might do another five or six in the mid-range, and then the weak range for some people. Your arm length is different and the girth of your shoulders are different, so you may have a different weaker range.

To me, mine’s right in here, so I’ll go to fatigue in the weak range last. I could do a chest press workout with 40 repetitions, and that’s fantastic because there’s just not a lot of parallel. And we took all of the ranges in motion to fatigue simultaneously in one set.

You can not do that with weights, so the stimulation is super powerful, and you’ll continue to grow.

When someone says, “Oh, such and such, the black band is too light, I can do eight repetitions on the chest press.” Yeah, okay, when you can do 40 repetitions, then it’s too light. So keep that in mind.

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