August 10, 2022

X3 FAQ: How do I pick the right X3 band? How many repetitions should I do?

With X3, we are utilizing variable resistance, which causes us to use significantly more muscle fibers and weight per exercise than we would otherwise.

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When using X3, we use higher repetitions, so the minimum number of repetitions you do is 15. And there’s a very good reason for why.

And it’s not research-based reasons; it’s the practical-based reason. Because you’re seven times stronger in that stronger range out here than you are back at the bottom. The weight you’re using in that stronger range is far beyond your one-rep maximum.

For example, when I do the chest press with this bar and the elite band, that’s the one I use, it’s 540 pounds at peak, and I might do 22 reps. That’s about where I’m at right now.

So do 22 repetitions. I couldn’t do a one-rep maximum on a regular bench press with 540 pounds.

Remember, X3 is built to trigger the muscle to grow. Not so you can talk about how strong you are. If you want to go do a feat of strength somewhere else, as irresponsible as that may be, be my guest. But that’s not what X3 is for.

So take the ego out of it and do 15 repetitions minimum. Because when you’re out here, if you can’t do at least 15 repetitions you’re using a weight you have no business being under, and you could let go of the bar and cause an injury.

It can come and snap back at you in a chest press and hit you in the chest. It could hit the top of your feet in a deadlift which does happen from time to time. It doesn’t happen to the people who use it correctly, but it does to the people who don’t use it correctly. There are rare exceptions to that.

One small piece of advice. You might not want to do this while you’re watching your kids because you could be distracted and let go.

You want to make sure you’re hanging out at the bar with 15 repetitions minimum. And then on the maximum side, we go all the way up to 40 repetitions. These repetitions are also very slow and controlled. Two to three seconds up and two to three seconds back.

That is a very slow and controlled movement. Now, that forces much more stabilization firing, triggering a growth hormone regulation.

This is why people get so lean so quickly using X3. Now what we also see sometimes is people saying they wanna do a light day and a heavy day. There are a lot of articles written about periodization.

Now, periodization with regular weightlifting induces better results. The research has shown this and the reason why people do like a light day and a heavy day when they do periodization is ‘cause you kinda build up; you go light days and the medium days and the heavy days, and then you kinda cycle back down.

The reason is you’re focused more on sarcoplasmic growth, which is the volume of a cell with a sarcoplasmic-type stimulus. And that’s a high repetition type of day. And on a lower repetition heavier day, the heavy days, you’re using a higher weight to try and stimulate myofibril growth, which is the density of the cell, as opposed to just the volume, the density, and power. So, they complement each other. But with weights, you can’t get both in one experience.

Every experience with X3 is the benefit of a heavy day and a light day. So you get both at once. The benefit of the heavy day is when you are going to fatigue in this range of motion and using a weight beyond a one rep maximum. You’re triggering all kinds of growth, first fatigue and then growth.

My last few repetitions in the chest press, like, let’s say half in my last, let’s say two or three might only be one inch. Now when that happens you’re evacuating all of the ATP glycogen and creatine phosphate in the cells, forcing the cells to get rid of all of their contract fuels which then volumize the cell.

So you get the benefit of both in every experience with X3.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

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