January 26, 2018

X3 FAQ: What is the best way to hold the bar during Front Squats?

Full Transcript

Okay, I want to talk a little bit about squat form.

I see videos that users are posting where the squat looks good, which is wonderful.

Resistance band bar position is important

What doesn’t look good is the way the exercise bar is being held. The problem is, people end up basically holding the front squad in kind of like a curl position, which really ends up being like a crappy bicep workout, as opposed to really get into the squat.

What I want to point out is that, with proper form, you don’t even need to hang on to the resistance band bar at all. And I also, for this demonstration, I picked the heaviest, heaviest band there is. And I’m gonna do a squat with this. This is something I can’t curl, you see, I barely lift it up. Very powerful band. You know, 350 whatever pounds.

Resistance bar on the shoulders

So, I’m going to squat down here. I’m going to grab underneath the bar. I’m going to drop the resistance band bar on my shoulders, right. And then I’m gonna come up. So you see it’s on my shoulders, I don’t even need to hang on of it.

So, try doing this while you’re squatting. So, Down. Up. I’m gonna do a full set. I’m pointing my elbows straight forward. So that’s a full set.

Don’t do this

The squat—I didn’t have to do this to hang on to the resistance band bar. So what happens is people hanging on the bar and then they drop their elbows, so they’re just holding the top of the curl. Never do that.

Start getting used to just holding your hands up like this, or using your thumbs to retain the exercise bar if that makes you feel more comfortable, not hanging on the bar.

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