December 12, 2018

Is there an alternative X3 Tricep Pushdown that avoids the neck area?

Full Transcript

  • Okay, alternate tricep pushdown. So I mentioned before, and I did a video showing a person that doesn’t have the size of trapezius muscles that I do doing a tricep pushdown by wrapping it more around the shoulder, like closer to where it is for the chest press.

And I’ve started to do that for some pictures that I put on Instagram and my Dr. John Jaquish page. But I’ve started to really like doing it that way because it actually widens out the band and makes the exercise a little heavier with the same band.

So I’m gonna show everybody how to do that. In fact, when we re-film some of the training videos. I’m going to this, and this will just be the positioning ‘cause I think it’s just better than kinda up on the traps.

Position the band over the deltoid

So I put the band close to where it is for the chest press right? So right over the deltoid.

Now it’s more like over the deltoid as opposed to between the deltoid and the tricep and I keep my elbows hugged right close to my body.

And yeah I don’t know whether to call this a pushdown or more like a skull crusher, which is what they call it in bodybuilding. I don’t like the term skull crusher because it’s kind of negative and I think some of our older population might not appreciate that name or understand what it is, but the idea is, you know, you’re like this.

Instead, you hold it about clavicle level and just extend the arms, don’t lock out, and you notice how the band doesn’t slip? ‘Cause I see people doing this but they’re still trying to push down. Of course the band’s gonna go down, so you’re really just extending your triceps.

You can see my pectorals are not firing here. Keeping constant tension, not locking out or going slack. Slow and controlled.

I’ve gotta diminish the range now. Okay, so that’s tricep pushdown.

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