September 2, 2022

X3 Capabilities: Peak Force Demos

By using variable resistance, the X3 bar generates significant peak force and power by increasing the weight on the strongest range of motion while reducing stress on joints during the weakest range.

Full Transcript

Dr. John Jaquish: We’re in the lab again with X3, and we want to show the different peak forces in different exercises. Normally, I’d be able to get even higher, but we need to have the measurement devices in here, so I’m losing a bit of stretch in the band. So that’s unfortunate, but that’s the only way we can get the load cells to report right here with the data. So it’s a shorter range of motion, normally I’d start back here, but as I push away, you can see I’m holding 330-something pounds, and as I depart from the stronger range, diminishing force.

So, we’re going to demonstrate the peak forces in deadlift or a rack pull, but same limitations as some of the other measurement tests where we have the load cells hooked up, where I’m losing a bit of stretch, and so I use the heavier band and I’m losing a bit of stretch, but you’ll get the basic idea of how much force you can get through the musculoskeletal system. So I’m at the bottom, like a rack pull, again, if I didn’t have the measurement devices I would start a lot lower.

So, you just saw a demonstration of X3 going easily over 500 pounds. I would expect a failure of the bar well over 1,000 pounds, but nobody’s going to try that yet. I don’t know anybody yet who can put more than 1,000 on a bar. I also wanted to show the swivel, so just like in an Olympic bar, the reason there’s a solid core of steel going through the middle is that when I do a lift like an overhead press and I have to move my hand to get into position, as I rotate like this, my grip is never compromised, and there’s just a swivel to keep the weights in position.

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