October 28, 2022

X3 Bar Elite Reviews: A Closer Look

With X3 Bar’s growing popularity comes an increase in negative comments. The X3 Bar makes bold claims. So of course, there will be those who react to those claims before having done their due diligence. Others might post critical reviews simply to capitalize on the clicks generated or out of fear that the effectiveness of X3 is detrimental to their business. We take a closer look at the most critical X3 Bar Elite reviews and what they often get wrong.

Who Reviews the X3 Bar

Who Reviews the X3 Bar

The X3 Bar is disrupting the fitness industry, and not everyone likes it. Of those who’ve actually purchased and used the X3 bar as intended, the reviews are outstanding and the results speak for themselves.

So, when there’s very rarely a disgruntled customer, who else is reviewing the X3?

Gym owners love to critique X3 and the science behind it. Understandably so, as this compact home gym can offer everything a gym membership can, without a monthly fee or the need for hundreds of square feet of space.

Personal trainers who don’t use X3 with their clients have also jumped on the negative bandwagon. Meanwhile, those who train their clients to use X3 continue to post success stories.

I’m a Fitness Professional in Orlando, Florida area. I coach Individuals form 20’s-80’s and they all have benefited from the X3. The X3 saved my business during the first wave of Covid. I was able to train in the parks with no overhead and still provide my clients workouts with results!

  • Yazeed Salaam

People who sell fitness equipment have the same fear gym owners do. The future success of their businesses depends on their attempt to debunk this proven, strength-building technology. After all, the X3 Bar is priced less than an Olympic barbell and a starter set of plates.

Fitness bloggers are typically seeking to ride the coattails of what’s popular. Talk about the latest and greatest, and your website gets more clicks. Talk about it as if you know better, and your ego gets boosted too.

When reading reviews, it’s always a good idea to consider who’s doing the talking. Many of those who have something to say have never seen nor handled an X3 Bar. They certainly aren’t doing the workouts as prescribed. So, what assumptions are they making, and what is it they’re getting wrong?

What Negative Commenters Get Wrong

Man coaching another man on variable resistance training

Misunderstanding the Science

The X3 Bar is based on the principle of variable resistance. Research on strength training with resistance bands demonstrates the benefits outshine training with free weights alone. Not everyone wants to believe this.

Unfortunately, there are those who will value their beliefs over academic research regardless of the outcome of that research. And then, there are those who simply cannot understand the often complex language of scientific studies. None of this makes the effectiveness of the X3 bar any less real.

Some say X3 Bar is a Scam because they misunderstand the mechanics of variable resistance.

Bloggers love to refute the science and post links to studies of their own. And yes, nearly anyone can find a study to back up their claims. So how can we discern which research holds up best? While no study has been done to date on X3 versus free weights, there’s ample anecdotal evidence (from thousands who’ve actually done the program) to make a good case for variable resistance training.

I’m 6’2″, 231 lbs and 10% body fat. I’ve experienced the same type of positive results after being an avid weight lifter for 3 decades. Switched to X3 exclusively in May of 2021 and haven’t looked back. I’ve followed the program exclusively so I could make a apples to apples workout comparison and in 10 minutes a day 6 days a week with no cardio I see more results than I have with a 5-6 (3 days with 30 mins of cardio on a climber) day a week 1 hour workout routine that I’ve done for the last 5 years. Bottomline…it provides gains if you stick to it and emerse yourself into the program. No joint pain, no cardio.

I’ve got a full gym in my garage that I haven’t used in 2 years. I would highly recommend the X3 Bar. I went from grinding for 1.5+ hours a day to 20-minute sessions, 6 days a a week. So in my humble opinion, you could toss the rest of the equipment if you got this. 10/10

  • Cory Appleton

Not Doing The Exercises Correctly

X3 Bar reviews on YouTube love to show weight lifters demonstrating the exercises while offering opinions on which ones feel good and which don’t. But many of these reviewers have failed to do even the most basic homework on X3’s recommended form and pacing.

With X3 bar, it’s critical to perform the exercises slowly (a count of 2 full seconds up and down) and to complete exhaustion. Correct form also means maintaining constant tension on the bands by not allowing them to go slack at the top or bottom of a lift.

Following the protocol precisely not only makes X3 substantially more challenging but helps trigger the hormones necessary for muscle growth.

Reviewers who rapidly push and pull their way through the exercises while allowing the bands to go slack with each rep, complaining it doesn’t seem challenging, are just as informed as the reviewers who haven’t tried X3 at all.

Those who actually use X3 bar post time and again how paying attention to form and speed continues to improve their results.

As a small “test”, so to speak, I decided to try bicep curls. THIS time I practiced what I learned from the video: tension all the way (hands never dropped below the waist)…found my peak (where the wrists want to bend in and curl) and stayed between those points for about 18 reps on the white band.

  • William Hunnell

Failing to Handle the Equipment

The X3 bar, ground plate and bands have been engineered with precision from the finest materials available. It matters. No, you cannot get a similar workout from do it yourself alternatives or cheap, lightweight bands.

The X3 bar is 21.5 inches wide, and that’s not an accident. Those who complain it’s too narrow for a comfortable grip have failed to see the purpose. Taking a wider grip makes exercises like the chest press easier. The wider grip offers the illusion of strength, but a wide grip decreases the range of the motion. A closer grip more fully contracts the pectorals at the top of the push, and builds muscle faster.

And no, you cannot repeat X3 bar exercises at home without a ground plate. Try standing on a 30 pound band, as one gym owner demonstrated, and you might be ok. Repeat the same exercise with a 100 pound band, and you’ll see why the ground plate comes in handy. The plate not only offers safety for those who wish to lift heavy, but allows the band to stretch and expand underneath your feet.

And yes, you want bands that safely offer over 600 pounds of resistance. Not everyone stacks 600 pounds of free weights at the gym, but X3 is built to allow you to lift your heaviest. It’s lifting heavy that builds muscle, and you just can’t get there with the $60 band set sold on Amazon . No matter what any blogger with affiliate links might say.

Not Comparing Apples to Apples

woman doing chest press with an X3

Ultimately, there just aren’t many negative reviews of X3 in existence. Bloggers who write about the X3 Pro often split their reviews into pros and cons. The pros? X3 grows muscles and builds strength. The cons? A list of items which have little to do with X3.

One in particular most bloggers can’t stand is X3’s claim that it is the only workout program you need. Now, that’s not the same as claiming you shouldn’t move in any other way, if that’s what you love to do.

With X3, you don’t need cardio, you don’t need HIIT, kettlebells, or plyometrics. X3 offers total body fitness, is optimal for building strength and for losing weight.1 And as for functional fitness? Elite and professional athletes wouldn’t be making the switch if X3 didn’t improve their performance.2

Sure, X3 is not recommended for “Trainees who want to focus on powerlifting or CrossFit.” If that’s what you love to do, go ahead. If you want to build strength in just 20 minutes a day, stick with X3.

Finally, there are the reviewers who criticize Dr. John Jaquish himself as a means of attempting to discredit X3’s capabilities.

We use countless life-improving objects daily without knowing a thing about who invented them.

X3 Reviews from Real Users

What matters most is what those who use X3 bar have to say. Despite the most detailed X3 reviews on Reddit, YouTube or anywhere else, actual users continue to praise the system.

In our humble opinion? These are the opinions that matter most if you’re on the fence about whether or not you believe the hype.

This product works. I’m a regular guy and can say first hand there is no other product or system that works as well as this that I’ve seen or tried. I can absolutely say this as I am someone who bought this product and can show the results.

  • Matt

I purchased the X3 Bar system in late October and I can say, without a doubt, this system is the real deal. I started doing the program six days a week instead off the recommended four days a week. I’m seeing results I never saw in the gym, and my joints feel fantastic. The workouts are only 10-20 minutes per day…depending on how much rest you take between exercises. I used to spend at least 60-70 minutes in the gym each day. I workout in my office. it’s a great “break”in the day and I feel awesome the rest of the day.

Bands… Are… Amazing. Far greater than free weights in my experience; it’s not even debatable in regards to my results. I now work out maybe 15-20 minutes a day with bands, and that’s all the “lifting” I do. I continue to have steady growth, far beyond my free weight regime, in a third of the time. So YES, THAT’S THREE TIMES AS FAST… Or maybe, three times less effort.

  • Josh

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