May 25, 2021

Why X3 Is the Most Effective Workout System

The X3 Bar variable resistance bar with black band
The X3 Workout System

How many fitness products have you watched come and go in your lifetime?

I’ve seen too many.

From that provocative shaking dumbbell to that ab shocker belt, all of them wound up on the clearance shelf at your local “As Seen on Television” store. Where did these fitness products go wrong?

They weren’t backed by science or proven effective through actual results.

X3 is different. Not only does it have the science to back it up, but real people have changed their physiques and lives using it.

Let’s take a closer look at the X3 home workout system, the science behind it, and how it compares to other fitness products and systems.

What is the X3 Workout System?

John Jaquish helps a female use the X3 home workout system
Overhead Press with X3 Workout Equipment

At first glance, most people raise an eyebrow at the X3.

They see a high-quality metal barbell with a platform and four heavy resistance bands. It seems very simple. And then they experience their first X3 workout …

Providing over 600 pounds of variable resistance, X3 was explicitly designed to build strength, increase lean muscle, and support healthy weight management safely and efficiently.

It gives you a highly effective total body workout in the same amount of time that it takes to warm up for traditional home workouts and resistance training programs.

Best of all, you can take it anywhere.

The system was developed by Dr. Jaquish, a research professor at Rushmore University, an editor of multiple medical journals, and a nominee of the National Medal of Science.

He’s not just the creator of X3; he also uses the system as a part of his own workouts.

How Does the X3 Home Gym System Work?

I hate to break it to you, but contrary to popular belief, traditional weightlifting is not a particularly effective stimulus for promoting muscle growth. To understand why, I need to explain our strongest and weakest ranges of motion during exercise.

Think about performing a traditional barbell back squat. What would you say is the most challenging part of the exercise to perform?

If you said at the bottom of the squat when your butt is closer to the floor, then you’re correct. At this position, the most significant strain is on our ligaments and joints. We feel our strongest as we approach full extension at the top of the movement because that’s where we’re able to produce the most force.

The amount of weight we use during an exercise is determined by how much we can lift in the weakest range. In the case of the squat, the heaviest weight you can pick is limited by how much you can safely lift at the bottom of the movement.

Because of this, when you use weights there is a massive difference between the amount of weight you are lifting compared to the potential amount of force your muscles can produce in your strongest ranges of motion.

Here’s the thing: If you want to trigger muscle growth and optimize weight loss, there’s no getting around heavy. But if you are only as strong as your weakest range and static resistance doesn’t optimally tap into your lifting potential, you’re stuck in a catch-22.

That’s where X3 can help.

X3, Variable Resistance, and Achieving Your Potential

The difference between the X3 total body workout system and traditional weightlifting is variable resistance.

As the name suggests, variable resistance is when the weight load changes throughout the exercise. Consider the X3 chest press as an example.

When the X3 bar is close to your chest (in your weak range of motion), the band is not stretched very far, so there is relatively little resistance, but as you push the bar away from your chest (into your stronger range of motion), the band stretches more, causing the resistance to become increasingly difficult.

Now, think about that same exercise when using a barbell. The resistance is static. The barbell doesn’t magically get heavier as you lift it then get lighter as you lower it.

When exercising with variable resistance, the amount of weight you’re lifting changes as you move through different ranges of motion.

Variable resistance is the key to the effectiveness of X3. The X3 bar lowers the resistance during your weakest range of a lift and increases resistance during the strongest portions of the lift. This allows you to lift a heavier load than you would be able to otherwise.

It’s also significantly safer than traditional weightlifting because you aren’t straining your joints and connective tissue in the weak range of motion so that you can more safely achieve heavier peak forces.

To bring this point home: The X3 taps into a unique form of variable resistance that maximizes your muscle’s ability to lift heavy at its strongest range while curtailing the resistance to match your weakest range safely.

Benefits of the X3 Total Body Workout

Now that you know how the X3 works, let’s discuss the most cited benefits of the X3 home workout system:

Strength Gains

Using variable resistance with heavier loads can lead to faster strength gains because this method recruits and fatigues your muscles in ways that ordinary lightweight bands or dumbbells and barbells simply cannot.

One study1 found that variable resistance provided a greater training stimulus than traditional free-weights, improving upper-body strength, velocity, and power.

Muscle Growth

With this deeper level of muscle fatigue comes aggressive muscle building in little time.

It’s reported that many users gained 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of muscle within six months when using the X3 despite years of failed efforts with free weights.

Heavy variable resistance exercise with X3 engages stabilizer muscles and upregulates human growth hormone2, which accelerates fat loss while promoting lean muscle.

Injury Prevention

Lifting heavy with dumbbells and barbells is a double-edged sword. The heavier you lift, the stronger you could get, and the more cumulative damage you do to your joints. This can potentially cause pain and stop the muscle from effectively contracting.

Using variable resistance, X3 places less stress on your joints at your weakest range of motion while significantly increasing the weight load on your strongest range. This ensures an environment for optimal hypertrophy and minimal strain to connective tissue.

Time Efficient

Not only will you safely push your muscles to the max with X3, but you’ll save time too.

Traditional home gym systems and workouts typically require about 10 to 15 minutes of warming up and then about 45 to 60 minutes for the actual workout.

The entire X3 workout takes the same amount of time as a traditional warm-up.

X3 does not require a warm-up—you’ll only perform one powerful set to total failure in each range. Remember that X3 provides a greater stimulus than dumbbells and barbells, so you’ll experience fast adaptive responses even with fewer sets.

Work Out Anywhere

You can set the X3 bar up anywhere, including in small spaces within your home. It takes up little space and can be moved easily from room to room, or you can pack it into a portable case and take it on the go.


The average cost of a monthly gym membership in the United States is over $50. Specialty gyms like CrossFit can easily cost near $200. The X3 provides you with a greater stimulus than you’ll find at your typical commercial gym at a fraction of the annual cost.

What’s more, think about how most gyms responded to the pandemic. They closed (and many are still closed), and many didn’t reimburse customers. The X3 allows you to work out from the comfort of your own home—with no monthly membership payments or hidden fees.

X3 vs. Other Home Workout Systems

A man and woman using resistance bands in a gym
Resistance Band System

How does the X3 stack up against other fitness products and traditional weightlifting equipment?

Gorilla Bow: The Gorilla Bow proudly boasts about providing 300 pounds of resistance. The problem is that you will have to buy additional short bands, and they can’t be used for all exercises. They aren’t meant for the squat, deadlift, overhead press, etc. The X3 Elite band, on the other hand, can provide over 500 pounds of resistance and is compatible with all X3 exercises.

Traditional Resistance Bands: Ordinary resistance bands are far lower force than those sold with X3, and thus cannot provide you with the high peak forces that underlie the benefits of variable resistance.

If you manage to find an individual resistance band with comparable resistance to X3 bands, you’ll soon discover why truly high force bands are rare: Because using very heavy resistance bands without a barbell interface like X3 is typically ineffective and often unsafe.

Suppose you grip these bands directly without a barbell interface: then the high forces from the band will twist relatively delicate joints like the wrists, leading to neural inhibition (reduced ability to recruit muscle) and preventing you from having an effective workout, and in the worst case leading to injuries.

This is the same reason that weight lifters hang iron plates on a barbell, instead of just performing exercises while trying to grip a handful of weight plates with their fingers.

Finally, if you’ve used cheap fitness bands before, you know only too well about the welt that forms when one of them breaks and snaps against your skin. X3 bands are made of premium-grade layered latex, making it the most powerful band on the market.

Squat Racks: Squat Racks don’t provide variable resistance, and thus have the same limitations as any other weight lifting methods. Also, while they may help you improve your squat and bench press, squat racks are not an option for a total body workout, whereas X3 builds strength all over, unlike body-part-specific equipment. Using X3, you can perform the most effective strength training exercises, and you can achieve superior activation of your core musculature without ever doing a single ab-isolation exercise.

Tonal and Other Smart Home Gyms: Tonal is a beautifully designed machine that saves time spent commuting to a gym. However, users have complained about the need to constantly recalibrate the machine to set up for each exercise. And like the Mirror, it’s extremely expensive. A Gear Diary review reports that the Tonal system overcomplicates standard strength-training exercises.

You can find connected fitness equipment everywhere these days, but in most cases, one big issue remains: weights overload joints and underload muscle.

Tonal claims to offer a new feature that mimics variable resistance; however, the variation does not appear to be as substantial as X3, especially because you are limited to a peak weight of 200 lbs. An inability to achieve truly high peak forces eliminates the primary advantage of variable resistance when it comes to getting better results in less time.

The X3 At-Home Workout

In as little as 10 minutes a day, X3 can help you dramatically increase strength, build lean muscle, and burn fat to support weight loss.

The X3 program features eight staple movements and two variations.

You will take on numerous compound movements that are fundamental to building strength and muscle, including:

  • Front squats

  • Split squats

  • Deadlifts

  • Chest presses

  • Bent-over rows

  • Overhead presses

But that’s not all. If muscle size is your goal, X3 also incorporates fundamental bodybuilding movements to maximize muscular size and optimize body composition.

These include:

Why not just hit the gym? Because no safe amount of weight can match X3’s tension, stabilization-firing, strong-range force capacity, and overall muscle-building capability.

Quick Tips on How to Use the X3 Home Workout System

If you’re new to using the X3 bar at home, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Expect to use X3 for about 10 minutes per day, which will have you on your way to achieving your physique goals.

  • When you purchase the X3 Elite Bar, you’ll receive a specially machined aluminum and steel barbell with internal bearings, like an Olympic bar, so that the grip is always optimized.

  • The X3 package also comes with a ground plate to protect your ankles from high forces produced by X3 and several levels of heavy-duty resistance bands. This setup helps to keep joints stable, limiting straining and injuries. The whole package is engineered to support over 600 lbs. (272 kg) of resistance to optimize muscle building.

  • The recommended repetition range is 15 to 40 complete repetitions per exercise, depending on your fitness level. One set is all you need for each exercise since the X3 maximizes the force applied to your muscles.

  • Although it’s simple to use, this is a powerful product. We recommend you follow the X3 program outlined on our website, which includes entry-level guidance and advanced techniques, as well as tips on nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

Why Waste More Time with Weights?

The X3 is arguably the most powerful muscle-building device available today.

Aside from being convenient and time-saving, X3 is portable, backed by science, and reduces your risk for injury even when you’re lifting heavy. If you’re ready to torch fat and pack on muscle without stepping foot in a gym, look no further.

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