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The value is time.

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The value is time.

October 09, 2018

The value is time.

We hear occasionally from people who appreciate the X3 concept, but think that the price is too high.

We always advise these people to think more carefully about the value of their time.

If you work out at the gym, a typical workout might be around an hour in length. Driving to the gym can easily add another 10 minutes each way. If you change clothes before your workout, and shower after, that can cost another 20 minutes. This totals to one hour and 40 minutes per workout.

If you use the X3 bar instead, it will take you about 10 minutes, or less, to go though your daily workout. And you can do this at home, in just about any room, so there’s no commute or prep time required.

The X3 bar saves you 1 hour and 30 minutes for every workout.

If you go to the gym four times weekly, that’s 6 hours a week saved with the X3 bar.

24 hours a month saved with X3.

288 hours a year saved with X3.

Forget the monthly gym membership you also won’t have to pay.

Forget the fact that most people report better results with the X3 bar than from the gym.

Forget the weight lifting injuries you might avoid.

The real value here is the time you are guaranteed to save on every single workout.

Whether you use that time to earn more income, to engage in hobbies, or to spend with friends and family is up to you. But whatever you do, that time adds up fast.

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