October 13, 2020

The Ultimate 10-Minute Workout

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10-Minute Workout

We occasionally hear from people who appreciate the X3 concept but think the price is too high. At first glance, that’s understandable. However, it’s difficult to imagine that the X3 delivers on all that it promises because that would require questioning everything we’ve been taught about fitness.

We always advise people to think more carefully about the value of their time.

If you work out at the gym, a typical workout might be around an hour in length. Driving to the gym can easily add another 10 minutes each way. If you change clothes before your workout and shower after, that can add another 20 minutes.

This comes out to one hour and 40 minutes per workout.

After chatting with the front desk manager, filling up at the ice machine, and using the bathroom—not to mention possibly waiting for machines—you’re looking at a minimum of two hours for an effective training session.

The good news is, you can cross working out off the list for the day. The bad news is, you missed drinks with coworkers and another big family event. Time is money.

There has to be a better way.

How Long Should You Work Out?

When using weights, multiple sets are needed to reach muscular fatigue. This adds up. A full-body workout can take upwards of 90 minutes.

X3 requires just one set per exercise. If you use the X3 bar, it will take you less than 20 minutes to go through your daily workout. You can do this at home, in just about any room, so there’s no commute or prep time required.

Just to be transparent, you might still spend five minutes procrastinating. If you go all out, you may need another 5 minutes of post-workout relaxation before returning to your daily activities. All in, you’re looking at an investment of no more than 20 minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of the average workout: Stretching: 0 Minutes X3 Exercises (4–5): 6 Minutes Breaks (3–4): 4 Minutes

Many X3 users prefer taking longer breaks between exercises. And some aim for two-minute sets on each exercise.

When adding in the optional crossover movement and transitioning to split squats, your push-day workouts might be a bit longer. Even if you take 2–3 minutes between exercises, you’re still looking at 20-minute workouts.

X3 bar essentially takes all the peaks from a 2-hour gym training session and stacks them within that compressed 10–20 minute training window. The result? Massive muscle gains and expedient growth hormone release.

Hormonally, X3 combines all the perks of gym training, reduces redundancies and injury potential, and delivers unparalleled results. That’s why X3 is worth the investment: it makes your muscular effort more metabolically effective while also saving you time and a half.

The Benefits of a 10-Minute Full-Body Workout

The benefits of exercise and time management are cumulative. One two-hour workout may not create much deficit, but six two-hour workouts each week drain the time bank of 12 hours.

X3 is a 10-minute workout for beginners and advanced athletes alike. While the strength curve of X3 is steep, the learning curve is not. The system provides enough heavy resistance to keep you moving and progressing week by week, year by year.

Compared with three hours total weekly investment for X3 bar, those additional 9 hours could be spent earning an advanced degree, volunteering, enjoying time with family, sleeping, or attaining spiritual enlightenment.

Another process of cost-benefit analysis involves breaking down your hourly take-home wage and multiplying that number by 9, or the number of hours saved by X3 per week instead of the gym—without sacrificing results.

Add the annual gym membership fees, and that final number is the opportunity cost of not using X3.

We bet that the opportunity cost is at least twice the sticker price of X3.

In addition to extra hours recommitted to labors of love, the X3 bar allows you to forgo additional costs like monthly gym memberships, gimmicky supplements sold behind the front desk, and sugar-laden “post-workout” smoothies from the protein bar.

X3 also helps you avoid temptations. The scenario is all too familiar: you’re drenched in post-workout euphoria and slowly becoming hangry, as you realize an empty fridge awaits you at home.

Multiple flashing fast food signs catch your reticular activating system as you try to stay focused on the road ahead. Before you know it, you’ve encountered and lost several battles to a double cheeseburger, large fries, and a loaded milkshake.

At the moment, you rationalize the event. In the long run, though, you’ve likely become frustrated with your lack of results, despite your fitness commitment.

The 10-Minute Resistance Band Workout

X3 Bar converts tend to have at least one thing in common: the desire for excellence and efficiency. Standard gym training exhausts muscles but leaves one drained, prone to injury, excessively hungry, and with little time for anything else. Likewise, standard resistance band workouts lack the force to drive real results.

X3 provides the ultimate 10-minute resistance band workout. The X3 training system provides the best gym benefits in concert with the best of a DIY home routine, in addition to a free nutritional blueprint and access to the valuable X3 users’ community.

The X3 bar community is a fantastic resource available on Facebook for FAQs, support, and proof of concept: other real people have come, conquered, and continued to see results and live full lives outside of their muscular goals. Here at X3 HQ, we like to count the wins. In short, X3 pays for itself within a few short weeks.

X3 keeps you focused on your goals.

X3 helps minimize distractions.

X3 offers an easy-to-follow program, provides a nutritional blueprint, and makes your body work only as hard as necessary to maximize muscle growth.

Overtraining means excessive hunger and risk of injury and burnout—and X3 keeps you on track.

Who knew that saving time could also translate to improving performance and potential in so many other areas of life. Work smarter, work faster, invest wisely, and enjoy life.

The X3 bar saves you 1 hour and 30 minutes for every workout.

If you go to the gym four times weekly, that’s 6 hours a week saved with the X3 Bar.

That adds up to 24 hours a month.

And 288 hours a year.

Forget the monthly gym membership you won’t have to pay.

Forget the fact that most people report better results with the X3 bar than from the gym.

Forget the weight lifting injuries you will avoid.

The real value here is the time you are guaranteed to save on every single workout.

Whether you use that time to earn more money, engage in hobbies, or hang out with friends and family is up to you.

Time and money add up fast, so spend them wisely.

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