April 28, 2022

The Truth About Strength Training for Women

Women who strength train live longer, healthier and happier lives. Unfortunately, the gym hasn’t always been the most comfortable nor convenient place for women to workout. In addition, myths about strength training for women prevent many from doing the heavy training that’s required for results. When positive change takes too long, women understandably give up on resistance training.

A global shift towards home strength training and innovations in equipment are making resistance training for women more popular. Learn why you too, should jump in on this trend. We address the benefits of strength training for women, break down the myths, and explain which methods are best.

Why Women Should Strength Train

Obviously, resistance training makes you stronger, which makes life easier. Strength makes it easier for us to carry two kids, throw our luggage in the overhead bin or open that jar of spaghetti sauce. What you may not know is that strength training also has health benefits, many of which are specific to women.

Increases Metabolism

Most of us wish we were at least a little lighter and leaner. Strength training is not only the best way to improve our body composition, but the more muscle we have, the speedier our metabolism1. This means we burn calories at a higher rate, even by just breathing.

Improves Bone Density

Thanks to hormones and pregnancy, women are at greater risk2 for age-related bone loss than men. Resistance training is not only the best way to prevent a future decline in bone density, but strength training can rebuild lost bone mass.

Decreases Risk of Heart Disease

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, but also the most preventable. Strength training improves heart health3 by decreasing blood pressure and reducing plasma triglycerides. What’s more, strength training may be more beneficial4 for heart health than dynamic or cardio exercise.

Improves Mental Health

Women are more than twice as likely as men to experience clinical depression or anxiety. A meta-analysis of 33 clinical trials found strength training was significantly correlated with a reduced risk of depression5. Resistance training also reduces instances of anxiety6.

Builds Self-Esteem

When women are physically stronger, they’re more confident, independent and resilient. A 2013 study7. found women who strength train have a more positive body image, and report greater satisfaction in life resulting in an improved sense of self-worth.

Top 10 Questions About Strength Training for Women

Understanding the benefits may convince you to begin a home strength training routine. For some women, however, there are still myths to overcome. We address the top 10 questions women have about building strength and how to do it.

1. Should Women Train Differently Than Men?

There’s no physiological reason why women can’t strength train the same way men do. However, wider hips and more flexible ligaments may make some women more prone to injury than men. Increasing skeletal muscle reduces this risk.

X3, the best home strength training device for women, makes use of variable resistance, which protects joints. Load decreases when joints are most compromised, and increases as joints reach the strongest, impact-ready positions. Joint protection is valuable for everyone, but may be especially so for women.

2. Will I Get Too Bulky if I Strength Train?

Women simply don’t have the testosterone needed for the hypertrophy that leads to bulky muscle. But that doesn’t mean women can’t build muscle. Women who strength train while eating a healthy diet for weight loss will see an improvement in muscular tone.

X3 bar not only comes complete with a 12-week workout program, but with proven nutritional recommendations to teach you exactly what to add or eliminate from your diet for increased tone and reduced body fat.

3. Don’t I Need to Lift Light to Get Toned?

The age-old myth that bulking up and toning are two different things just won’t go away. An increase in muscle mass is just that, your body doesn’t create different types of muscle in response to light or heavy weight. In fact, if you’re lifting too light, the body won’t build muscle at all, neither will you lose fat.

For a toned look, you need to build muscle and reduce body fat. Both of which are accomplished with X3 Bar. Only variable resistance training offers the stimulation needed for muscle growth and triggers the perfect hormonal environment for fat loss.

A portable, all-in-one home gym system

4. Don’t I Need Cardio for Weight Loss?

A sufficient strength training program is all that’s needed for weight loss, especially if your workout triggers the right hormones to facilitate muscle building and lipolysis as the X3 Bar does. If you’ve spent hours on the elliptical with little results to show for it, you’ll be relieved to hear it’s not your fault.

Strength training is far more effective8. for weight loss than cardio, which can even trigger fat retention by releasing stress hormones. Cardio increases cortisol, decreases growth factors, and can induce muscle loss, which only slows metabolism.

5. Won’t Yoga, Pilates or Barre Make Me Stronger?

Body weight training has value, especially if you’re new to working out. But it will only get you so far. To see measurable changes in strength and muscle growth9. you have to lift heavy.

If you enjoy yoga, pilates or barre, then by all means, do it! But if getting stronger and leaner is your goal, the X3 Bar will deliver results sooner, and in just 10 minutes per day.

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6. Won’t Strength Training Make Me Sore?

Traditional weight lifting methods rely on provoking micro-tears in the muscle. During the recovery phase these small tears are repaired, resulting in growth. This is a painful process that is also completely unnecessary.

Variable resistance, and specifically the X3 program, triggers muscle growth in a pain-free manner by creating a condition called metabolic stress. Instead of causing micro-tears, muscles are flooded with metabolites, hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, that stimulate growth.

7. Can I Target Just One Body Part with Strength Training?

We all have our ‘problem areas.’ But fat burning can’t be directed to just your belly or thighs. As you lose weight, where you lose inches first is largely determined by genetics. While it’s possible to neglect your upper body and only do squats, with X3 Bar, there’s no reason to.

X3 Bar’s 12-week workout program takes just 10 minutes per day. Alternating push and pull days target the total body for slimming and strengthening exactly where it’s needed.

A portable, all-in-one home gym system

8. Which Type of Weight Training is Best for Women?

You can ignore the debates about weight lifting machines versus barbells. The best type of strength training for women is the same as that for men, variable resistance training. With weights, resistance is static throughout the movement, which means you’re limited by the amount of weight you can move at the weakest part of your lift.

With variable resistance, load changes throughout the movement, mimicking the natural strength curve of the body. As the body reaches its strongest position, resistance increases. This allows for greater, faster muscle growth than was ever available with weights.

9. Why X3 and Not Another Resistance Band Set?

x3 bar home gym system

To reap the rewards of variable resistance, you need strong, heavy resistance bands that allow you to reach complete fatigue in under 40 reps. Most resistance band sets, especially those designed ‘for women’ simply aren’t capable of offering the resistance you need.

X3’s stronger bands arrive with a stable ground plate and a steel grip bar, which means you’ll never be limited by the strength of your ankle or wrist joints. There’s no fussing with velcro, switching handles or ankle straps in and out. It’s a simple, take-anywhere device that offers only what you need

10. What’s the Best Way to Strength Train at Home?

By leveraging the power of variable resistance, X3 Bar has proven itself the most effective strength training device. The compact equipment travels easily and is perfect for use at home, on the road, or anywhere. Strength training for women at home no longer means investing in an entire garage gym, a personal trainer or an expensive online membership.

More women are discovering the results that are available with X3, and enjoying the fact there’s no longer a reason to go to the gym.

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