November 14, 2017

X3 bar Tricep Pushdowns for People with Small Trapezius Muscles

Some people have smaller trapezius muscles, the muscles around the neck. Before those muscles develop, there is an alternate way to perform a tricep push down with the X3 bar.

Full Transcript

Okay, so the question’s been asked: When you do the tricep push-down?

The standard is you place the band on your trapezius muscles, not on your neck, and hinge at the elbow like that.

While some people don’t have enough trapezius mass to hold the band there, the band ends up sliding up and being right around the neck, which is not what we wanna do.

So, an alternate way to do it, until you build your trapezius mass, is putting it right here. So right around the shoulders.

And you can just apply force in exactly the same way like this. Slow and controlled.

Make sure the band stays where it’s supposed to be, and you won’t have any problems. And it won’t pull on your neck.

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