June 20, 2022

The Only Office Workout Equipment You Need

Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health. Strength training can combat the negative consequences, but a bench press at the office just isn’t practical. To workout at the office you need the right exercise equipment. Learn why X3 is the best for building muscle, and the office equipment your company needs.

Why Office Workers Need to Work Out

Why Office Workers Need to Work Out

In the United States, the average person sits for up to 12 hours each day. This number has been on the rise since office jobs began to increase in the 1950’s. In recent years as workers move online, the trend is only getting worse.

This sedentary way of life puts office workers at risk for metabolic syndrome, the cluster of conditions that lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.1

Sitting can also lead to muscular atrophy, decreased cardiovascular capacity, and decreased bone density. This weakening of the musculoskeletal system increases risk of non-inflammatory related conditions as well.

Studies correlate too much sitting with varicose veins and chronic pain, but also depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline.

Taking frequent breaks to stand and walk around the office can help off-set the long-term consequences of sitting too much. Resistance exercise, however, may offer greater benefit.

How Strength Training Combats Sitting

How Strength Training Combats Sitting

While standing and walking can break up a day at the office, daily resistance training may do more to prevent the consequences of long-term sitting. Office workers benefit from strength training in the following ways:

Reduced Chronic Pain: Sitting for long periods leads to chronic pain in the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck.2 Research finds that while resistance training can initially be challenging for those with chronic pain – it results in “longer and more frequent periods of complete muscular relaxation and reduced pain.”3

Improved Flexibility: The stiffness and decrease in flexibility we get from sitting too long not only applies to muscles and joints, but to arteries. Studies link flexibility to improved blood flow and better overall heart health. 4 A 2015 study found resistance training programs for office workers not only reduce neck, shoulder, and low back pain, but can also improve the range of movement (ROM) and flexibility of office workers.5

Improves Energy: Are you always exhausted mid-way through the work day? Strength training can help improve your energy levels at the office. Not only does it help you sleep better at night, but building muscle produces more mitochondria, increasing the body’s energy supply. What’s more, intense strength training increases the hormone levels that make you feel energized.

Boosts Cognition: An improvement in energy certainly boosts mood, but strength training can also improve cognition. A 2019 meta-analysis of 24 separate studies found strength training has positive effects on cognition. Work smarter, not harder, at the office, and you might not need to sit for so long.6

Weight Loss: Weight gain is perhaps the biggest danger of sitting too long, as it leads to a host of other medical problems. Contrary to popular belief, strength training remains the best way to lose weight. Resistance training increases energy expenditure (think calories out) and promotes fat burning.7 In addition, strength training lowers postprandial glucose, which may help protect office workers from diabetes.8

Office work is bad for your health and strength training is the best way to counteract this. But if you’re working all day, it’s not easy to hit the gym. And working out at the office? Well, that’s not so easy either.

The Problem with Corporate Wellness

Your health is in the best interest of your employer. Employees in poor health cost companies far more when it comes to health premiums, missed work days and decreased productivity.

Unfortunately, your employer knows very little about how to best keep you healthy. While in-office wellness programs are well-meaning, they generally miss the mark when it comes to effectiveness. Office workout programs that can easily be done at your desk or in an empty conference room offer little more than temporary stress relief.

That said, it’s just not feasible for most offices to install a squat rack or offer a sweaty, high intensity interval class. Some office workers try to squeeze in their workouts by running to the local gym during their lunch break, before or after work, but we all know that’s rarely sustainable.

There is, however, a way to fit high-intensity resistance training into your work day. The X3 Bar System takes up very little time and space and just may be the best piece of office workout equipment available.

Why X3 Is The Best Office Workout Equipment

variable resistance training system

The X3 Bar System is not only best for your office workouts, it’s simply the best strength builder anywhere.

This small, space-saving device offers a total-body resistance workout in less than 20 minutes per day. It builds the muscles you want to mitigate long days at a desk, protect your posture, and strengthen your core.

No Weights, No Cardio

The Strength Equipment for Better Office Fitness

To build strength, you must work against heavy resistance. But the type of resistance you use can either help or hinder your progress. Traditional free weights limit your capacity for strength building because they work on the principle of static resistance. This means the weight remains the same, no matter what point you’re at in your lift.

For example, at the base of your squat when your knees and low back are most compromised and you’re in your weakest position, you’re pushing against the same resistance you’ll find as your hips open and straighten your legs in your strongest, impact-ready posture. The amount of weight you can safely move is limited by the strength of your weakest position.

The Promise of Variable Resistance

Instead of static resistance, the X3 bar uses powerful, closed-loop latex bands to provide Variable resistance. This makes the resistance delivered at the weakest point of your lift lighter, protecting your joints and reducing risk. As you progress through the motion and enter a stronger posture, the bands stretch, providing greater resistance.

Variable resistance lets you access even more strength where you’re already strongest, helping you build muscle faster.

In addition, X3 triggers the exact hormonal conditions your body needs for strength building. Resistance bands provide constant tension. There’s no resting at the top or bottom of your lift. As you perform each exercise to exhaustion, continuing to move with a diminishing range until complete exhaustion, you’ll have successfully satisfied the conditions needed for optimal muscle growth.

Not all resistance bands are created equal. X3 surpasses the others by offering the strongest, safest latex bands available in addition to a stabilizing ground plate and an Olympic-like steel bar for a familiar, comfortable grip.

Not only is it effective, but X3 checks all the boxes for the perfect office workout equipment. The resistance band training system saves time and space and is safe enough for any workplace wellness program.

X3 Saves Time

Sleep in a little later, enjoy your lunch break, and go anywhere other than the gym once you leave the office. With X3, one single set of exercises, performed to failure, is all you need to build muscle and strengthen your core.

Do you need work from home exercise equipment? Results require a commitment of just 20 minutes per day. And you can slide it right under your desk when you’re done.

X3 Saves Space

Because it takes up so little space, you can easily store the X3 bar in a file cabinet, under your desk, or in a drawer. And if you have to hit the road for business, it can easily travel with you. The shoebox sized piece of equipment is all you need for total body training.

Prevents Injury

Workplace exercise programs always have liability in mind. Because of this, they often choose safety over effectiveness. With X3, there’s no need to choose one or the other. Resistance band training is low impact and easy on the joints. With X3, you’re very unlikely to attend your next meeting with a strained muscle or hurt back.

Works Daily

X3’s repeating 12-week workout program gets you moving 4-6 times per week. You’ll not only see better results, faster, than you would with traditional weight-lifting, but you won’t be too sore to move again the next day. Daily movement is also more beneficial when it comes to battling sedentary behavior.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains


Office work is detrimental to our health, especially if we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time. Most companies recommend taking short, frequent breaks to stand and walk. But daily strength training has more protective qualities when it comes to preventing the harm caused by sitting.

Variable resistance training with X3 is the most effective form of strength training. It’s also the best workout equipment for the office. X3 is small and compact, takes less than 20 minutes out of your day, and is safe for everyone at any point in their fitness journey.

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