February 4, 2021

From Bones to Muscle: Engineering a Fitness Revolution

A man trains with variable resistance
X3 Variable Resistance Training

Have you been lifting weights and not seeing the results you desperately want? You are not alone. Are you spending too much time at the gym? Perhaps you’re finding yourself back in physical therapy after another lifting injury.

Now for the big question: Have you heard about X3 variable resistance training?

How X3 Bar Was Born

The X3 training system is built around variable resistance, and the results are almost too good to be true. It can help you maximize muscle growth, lose weight, and improve your bone health. And it accomplishes all this in far less time and with less risk of joint damage than using traditional weightlifting equipment.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not, and since you’re still reading, we’ll assume you’re still interested.

It all started with Dr. John Jaquish’s first invention, the osteogenic loading devices of OsteoStrong. After his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis, John set out to find a way to help her and millions of others. And OsteoStrong is now partnered with Tony Robbins for rapid clinical development―to help as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Engineering a Revolution through Variable Resistance

In creating the world’s most effective bone density-building medical device, John realized that the human body was capable of far more than originally believed. In turn, he became the first scientist to quantify maximum capacities for muscular output.

You’re probably asking yourself, what does that mean? Okay, imagine laying on a weight bench and performing a traditional bench press.

When your arms are fully contracted, the resistance band bar’s position is just above your chest, and this is your weakest range of motion. At the midway point, as you push the bar up, this represents your medium range. And when your arms are almost fully extended at the highest position in the movement, this is your strongest range of motion.

Here’s the problem: Each range of motion is capable of handling different loads. This means that when you’re weight lifting, you’re never maximizing your entire range of motion.

You have a choice to make. You can either choose an amount of weight you can handle in the weakest range of motion, or you risk injuring yourself. And that’s not a good choice.

Essentially, lifting this way has its limitations. To avoid injury, you have to choose the maximum amount you can handle at your weakest range. Therefore, you’re not ever maximizing the amount of weight suitable for your medium and strong ranges of motion.

In other words, you’ll never be able to fully engage your target muscle, which is why one of our mottos here is: Weightlifting is a Waste of Time.

A portable, all-in-one home gym system

How We Developed X3 Training

Osteostrong bone-strengthening medical devices

By cross-referencing user data from our OsteoStrong program with exercise statistics from the American College of Sports Medicine, John determined that there is a seven-fold difference between the average muscle load from lifting weights the traditional way compared to what our muscles are capable of handling.

And if we’re not able to maximize muscle load, you’ll always come up a little short at the gym.

In creating the X3 variable resistance system, John took all the data from the studies to create a force curve, which allowed him to identify peak capabilities throughout the entire range of human motion. This was the moment of truth, that a-ha moment when everything becomes clear: Weightlifting has it backward, and the lack of results many people experience when lifting the old-fashioned way can confirm this.

In short, X3 strength training allows us to handle more load than conventional weight lifting will allow, and it maximizes the entire range of motion―the weak, medium, and strong ranges. This means that the weakest range of motion dilemma we referenced above is eliminated.

The superior efficacy of variable resistance training like X3 has been confirmed in 16 different academic research pieces, with benefits over weight training demonstrated for all kinds of different human performance metrics.

Now, to be fair, it’s not a magic pill. You’ll still have to bring the effort and eat right and maximize all of those other components that go into creating the strong, healthy body you want. But, you’ll be able to do it more easily, more quickly (as in workouts that last 10 minutes vs. 60), and more safely.

X3 training’s powerful variable resistance device will now allow you to maximize muscle growth in ways you could never have imagined. You may even notice visible gains from week to week. Or should we say, from weak to strong?

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