August 4, 2022

The Best Mobile Gym for Your RV

The post-pandemic RV boom is here to stay. Even as gas prices rise, canceled flights, airport delays and lost baggage keep road travel appealing. But when reaching your preferred National Park means spending 8 hours or more behind the wheel each day, how can you maintain your fitness? What you need is X3 Bar, the best mobile gym for RVs.

Working Out on the Road

Working Out on the Road

There’s nothing like spending the summer behind the wheel of your RV or parked at your favorite campground. But RVing and long days spent sitting takes its toll on your body if you’re not staying fit. Maintaining a strength routine when you’re on the road keeps you healthy, so you can keep up with your family.

As anyone who’s traveled in an RV knows, space and time are in short supply when you’re on the road. Attempting to pack a set of free weights or a couple of heavy kettlebells takes up much-needed space, and chances are, you’ll never use them.

X3 Bar, on the other hand, is a mobile gym solution that saves you both space and time. The portable gym is relatively lightweight and easily slides under a bed, into a cabinet, or underneath your captain’s seat. What’s more, it offers a total body strength workout in under 20 minutes per day, leaving you more time for grillin’ and chillin.’

Why Build Strength?

Why Build Strength?

Strength training is not just for bodybuilders, but important no matter your fitness goals. Resistance training helps maintain muscle and bone density as we get older and keeps our joints supple.1 Building muscle may also be the most effective way to lose weight.2

Resistance training should be a priority for anyone interested in improving their general health and wellbeing, regardless of their age. When we have more muscle and less body fat, we reap the following benefits:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Improved joint health
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved self-confidence

To build strength, you need to lift heavy. Until X3 Bar, that hasn’t been easy for those on the road. The best gym for travelers isn’t based on old-school weight-lifting, but uses a unique method called variable resistance.

Why Variable Resistance?

Why Variable Resistance?

Resistance training can take many forms. Training with machines, free weights, body weight, and resistance bands are just some of the options available. But when choosing, choose wisely, because the type of resistance you use makes a huge difference.

Traditional free weights limit your capacity for strength building because they work on the principle of static resistance. No matter what point you’re at in your lift, the resistance your weight provides remains the same. So although you feel stronger when mid-way through your back squat, your lift is limited to the amount of weight you can move when you’re deep in a knee bend in your weakest position.

Training with resistance bands makes use of a principle called variable resistance. With strength training devices such as X3 Bar, the resistance you’re up against at the weakest part of your lift is less, as the band has not yet stretched to capacity. But as you progress through the range of motion, and your strength curve naturally gets stronger, the bands begin to stretch, offering you greater resistance.

Maximally Challenge Your Muscles

Being challenged where you’re strongest, and not where you’re at your weakest, is a far more efficient way to build muscle. When training with static resistance, your max lift will always be limited by the amount of weight you can move from the ground. With variable resistance, your muscles are maximally challenged for bigger, faster gains.

The Benefit of Constant Tension

Not only does variable resistance offer you more tension when your body is most ready to work against it, but it keeps this tension constant. With free weights, there’s a brief resting point that occurs at the bottom and top of each lift. It may not seem like much, but it adds up within a set, making each set less efficient.

When training properly with resistance bands, you maintain constant tension throughout each set, never allowing the bands to go slack. Not only does this bring about muscle fatigue much sooner, but the time under tension triggers the hormones you need to build better muscle.

The Benefits of Diminishing Range

If you’re pushing or pressing against a challenging resistance band and maintaining constant tension, you’re going to start getting tired, quickly. But unlike with free weights, there’s no reason to drop the set when you can no longer perform the full range of motion. In fact, with resistance bands, you’re encouraged to keep going until you absolutely cannot.

The ability to practice with a diminishing range of motion until complete fatigue is just one reason why it only takes one set to build muscle with X3 Bar. All the necessary conditions for hypertrophy, or muscle growth, are present within that one set. Variable resistance makes your workout far more efficient than ever-before possible.

Why X3 Bar is the Best Gym for RVs

Why X3 Bar is the Best Gym for RVs

If you’re sold on resistance bands for your RV workouts, you may be wondering if any resistance band will do. Remember – to build muscle and burn body fat, you have to lift heavy. Most resistance bands on the market simply aren’t strong enough to trigger any gains. X3 bar is the best mobile gym out there thanks to durable bands, but also, some important accessories.

The Strongest Resistance Bands

Closed-loop, layered latex resistance bands make X3 bands stronger, more durable and long-lasting. Bands offer a range of resistance, from 10 to over 600 pounds. So you can leave your heavy bumper plates and kettlebells at home, and rest assured you can get just as tough a workout in your RV.

The X3 Grounding Plate

If you’re using heavy, strong bands, you won’t want to grip them with your hands and bare feet. X3’s grounding plate keeps your workout safe and stable, but lets you do the same heavy lifts you’d do at the gym. Perform deadlifts, squats and bent-over rows without compromising your form, or your strength and power.

The X3 Grip Bar

The wrist is a sensitive, potentially limiting joint. Especially when working with thick, strong latex bands. The X3’s steel grip bar offers safety, comfort and stability so again, you can perform your most loved lifts. Ball bearings allow the steel bar to rotate within your hands, so your grip remains neutral and secure through every range of motion.

X3 Saves Space

The X3 bar can easily travel with you. Store it under a seat, in a small box, or in an overhead cabinet. This traveling gym takes up very little space, yet still offers the total body workout you need for overall improvements to musculature and fitness.

With the X3 bar, you can even workout inside your RV. Whether it’s a rainy day, or you just want some privacy, X3 bar makes it easy to do the work while you’re on the road.

X3 Saves Time

If you’re traveling in an RV, you have better things to do than spend hours at the gym or away from your family. Because one set of 20-40 reps is all you need to realize gains, X3’s 12-week program can easily be completed in less than 20 minutes per day.

Wake up and do your workout while you’re brewing coffee, or fit it in any time of the day. Your RV gym won’t steal time from your day.

Reduces Risk of Injury

The portable, low-impact workout is easy on the joints because tension is at its lowest when the joints are most compromised. In addition, X3 trains the core by recruiting stabilization muscles, meaning every movement you do contributes to developing balance and neuromuscular coordination.

Injury prevention is not only important for seniors or retirees living the RV life, but for anyone who wants to keep enjoying their freedom, versus waiting on the sidelines for an injury to heal.


 Enjoy the RV life

More people are taking to the road, traveling and living in RVs. Long hours spent behind the wheel can lead to health issues, but it’s not always easy to workout on the road. Traveling with a mobile gym is one solution.

X3 bar is the best mobile gym for RVs because it allows for serious strength training. No matter your fitness goals, building muscle will get you there. The X3 bar allows you to lift heavy enough for real change, and takes up very little space in your RV. What’s more, it only requires a commitment of 20 minutes per day, allowing you to enjoy the RV life.

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