February 17, 2022

5 Unexpected Benefits of X3

It’s well known the X3 Bar System improves body composition by building muscle and burning fat. But there are lesser-known benefits of resistance bands that are no less than life changing for most people. We explore the unexpected benefits of resistance band training with X3, each of which is not only user-reported, but science-backed.

Why Building Muscle Matters

X3 is a strength building device, and an effective one at that. Variable resistance is a far better use of your time than lifting weights, and X3 bar is the best form of variable resistance. Only X3 allows for the heavy lifting which is needed for optimal hormonal response and muscle growth. But why does muscle growth matter?

Looking better naked is a great motivator, but not everyone desires a more pumped-up physique. Still, strength training is important. The stronger we are, the longer1 we live. Studies not only link weak muscles to all-cause mortality, but find muscle mass is a more appropriate indicator2 of total health than BMI.

A daily resistance training program matters. So does the device you use to strength train. X3 is the safest way to keep lifting heavy well into old age, without risk of joint damage or musculoskeletal injury.

If living longer isn’t reason enough to keep up with your X3 routine, check out the 5 unexpected benefits of resistance bands, specifically when applied through use of the X3 Variable Resistance Training System.

1. Builds Lower Body Strength

Builds Lower Body Strength

When we think of strength training, we typically think of swollen pectoral muscles, shoulders and biceps. Especially if the device we’re using involves gripping an Olympic bar with our two hands. But lower body strengthening is just one of the unexpected benefits of X3.

The front squat, deadlift, calf Raises, split squat, and even the bent row all build strength and flexibility3 in the legs. Increased strength and mobility improves balance, preventing injury and reducing risk of falls.

Comments from X3 users include reports of improved ankle strength and less knee pain when running or participating in other sports. There’s science to back up these claims. Resistance training, especially with X3 which requires stabilization, improves tendon strength.4

2. Develops Core Strength

Develops Core Strength

Core strengthening isn’t just the responsibility of sit ups and crunches. The body’s core extends beyond the abs and includes stabilizing muscles from the pelvic floor to the diaphragm, inclusive of the glutes, lower back and outer hips. Some trainers would go further to include the inner legs, beginning with the inside of our arches.

Every exercise in the X3 program recruits muscles of the core to help stabilize. Especially as you work toward fatigue. Core strength not only improves posture, balance and function, but it’s valuable in preventing disease as well.

Studies find resistance training is a more effective5 means of reducing abdominal fat than cardio is. Abdominal fat is perhaps the most significant predictor of metabolic syndrome6 the combination of conditions that lead to diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Abdominal fat is also associated with the release of hormones and harmful proteins that trigger inflammation. Systemic inflammation leads to heart disease. Decreasing body fat with variable resistance training keeps blood vessels healthy and blood pressure low.

Nearly any exercise will improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels for those who’ve been sedentary, but X3 has an additional secret weapon in the fight for cardiovascular health. By optimizing hormone levels, strength training with X3 boosts HDL7 cholesterol levels. As we know, it’s not total cholesterol that’s bad, but a poor ratio of LDL to HDL.

As the most effective means for muscle building and weight loss, X3 also improves aerobic capacity by slimming you down, increasing metabolic resting rate, and improving blood flow to your muscles.

4. Supports Immune Function

Supports Immune Function

Inflammation is the biggest driver of chronic diseases, including cancer.8 But many of today’s most popular workouts, such as extended cardio sessions, high-intensity interval training and heavy weight lifting increase inflammation by triggering hormones, an immune response, and micro-tears in the muscle.

Chronic inflammation not only dampens immune function, but leads to chronic disease and exposes us to injury. More studies are needed, but current research9 suggests variable resistance training could be the best way to prevent systemic inflammatory-related disease.

The X3 workout program is performed with slow, controlled movements that trigger muscle growth without damaging muscle or causing an inflammatory response. You get all the benefits of heavy resistance training, without compromising immune function.

5. Relieves Stress and Boosts Happiness

Relieves Stress and Boosts Happiness

Obviously, looking and feeling better makes you happier. Among the unexpected benefits of X3 is that it influences the mind, and not just the body.

Intense workouts and long cardio sessions trigger the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that makes us feel lousy.10 X3 is not only more effective for weight loss, but triggers optimal hormonal conditions, preventing a negative stress response. Want more? 5 separate random controlled11 studies have found resistance training has anti-anxiety effects. A meta analysis of 33 trials12 indicates strength training is a legitimate treatment option for depression.

It’s not just long-distance running that increases endorphins and gives us a high. In fact, according to science, X3 does it better. The benefits of resistance bands are seamlessly endless. However, be sure that you aren’t using bands alone. Without a resistance band bar and ground plate, resistance bands put joints and tendons at risk.

X3 is a complete system that safely allows you to train with high levels of resistance.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of X3? Your variable resistance training journey starts today.

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