June 2, 2021

19 Reasons to Stop Lifting Weights

19 reasons to stop lifting weights

Muscular, lean physiques are highly coveted. Tradition tells us that constant maintenance, gym time, and devotion are required to achieve great results. 2020 showed us that gym access is optional for fitness performance, and time is both precious and unpromised.

This article outlines 19 reasons to stop lifting weights and embrace a more intelligent method of resistance training for optimal longevity.

Thanks to variable resistance, lifting weights simply isn’t the best solution anymore.

Building Bodies, Saving Joints

What happens when you stop lifting weights? For one, you give your body a chance to recover from needless damage.

Lifting weights traditionally overload joints and underload muscles, says X3 creator Dr. John Jaquish.

At what age should you stop lifting weights?

We would recommend stopping as soon as possible to prevent cumulative joint damage. Of course, some people never experience serious weightlifting issues. However, most people that lift for more than a few years experience numerous injuries. These injuries can often be debilitating and even permanent.

If you want to work out in a way that empowers your body to thrive for the long-term, opt for variable resistance training.

Accumulating injuries and underusing muscle tissue are two main symptoms of weight lifting’s biggest downfalls 1.

Making a permanent imprint on the couch is also not a suitable alternative, however.

What if you could stop lifting weights and get stronger and more muscular than ever before? Proper resistance training is a requirement for lifelong health, and the X3 training system effectively delivers results and saves time.

In case you’re not yet convinced, here are an additional 19 reasons to stop lifting wasting time in the gym:

19 – Avoid Cumulative Joint Damage

Weightlifting is not explicitly designed to tax muscles and spare joints.

We live in a time when everything we use is designed for optimal efficiency. Should our movement patterns be any different?

Old age is not kind to joints, especially those abused with years of harsh training.

18 – Knock out Knee Pain and Knee injuries

If you want to be like the 55-year old who hobbles to the gym, parks in the squat rack, takes 30 minutes wrapping each joint before overloading the bar for what seems like pure agony and detriment, keep lifting.

Or, perhaps you could take a cue from X3 creator Dr. Jaquish, a man over 40 with NFL-caliber body composition statistics—all from X3, Fortagen, and fasting.

17 – Save a LOT of Time

A man drives in traffic to the gym

Three hours at the gym daily may provide some results, but unintended consequences too, such as less time with family.

Switch to X3 and you can transform your body with less than an hour of training a week.

16 – Eliminate Elbow Pain & Injuries

One common source of pain in middle age is “tennis elbow.” Years spent chasing big biceps can result in tendonitis of this overused and undervalued joint, without ever touching a tennis racket.

If you still want beach-ready muscle and don’t want to sacrifice your joints in the process, opt for X3.

15 – Work Out In the (Clean) Comfort of Your Home

A man in a protective suit cleans a gym with chemicals

If 2020 taught us anything, we’re not impervious to our environments. Things grow in dark, moist places like gyms. Avoid unnecessary exposure to toxic mold and the chemical irritants used to “clean” equipment.

X3 is completely portable. The world is your gym. There’s no need to be confined to nasty gym environments.

14 – Avoid the Plague

On the same note, it’s not just the public equipment. People unknowingly spread viruses and bacterial infections like staph, MRSA, ringworm, and molluscum.

Training at home has its perks.

13 – Stave off Shoulder Pain and Injuries

The shoulders are a vulnerable joint and tend to freeze in middle age without proper long-term care. Overhead pressing is anatomically precarious for a large segment of the population and should be done safely using an ergonomic system like X3.

Undue force and repetitive improper movement patterns can wreak havoc over the decades. The shoulders bear the brunt of this burden without preventative care.

Today’s Shift, Tomorrow’s Wisdom

12 – Maximize Your Returns

No self-efficacious individual wants to spend extra time doing anything if it doesn’t translate into maximal results. Why train more than 20 minutes daily if returns are diminishing?

X3 was designed to optimize performance and strength and minimize time investment. This is the program for those who prioritize success and productivity.

11 – Beat Training Anxiety Fatigue Syndrome

For results, weight training must be progressive. Amidst a sea of false prophets and fake news, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Let the biomechanical experts set the programming with an efficient and easy-to-follow protocol like the one included with X3.

10 – Take a Hard Pass on the Back Pain

A man experiences back pain during a deadlift

A day without lower back pain is said to be a good day. Back pain has become the norm for most Americans. Lower back injuries from too much weight or improper form 2 can become the source of chronic, lifelong debilitating pain, and injuries. Avoid it by training smart with a well-designed system that reduces force in joint-compromised positions.

9 – Skip the Learning Curve

Trial and error is great, except when it comes to the body. Highway miles, not city miles. Learn from those who’ve experimented and worn out their physiques on old modalities like weights.

Today’s equipment is efficient, safer, and tested for longevity. Invest in X3, invest in your future. Your centenarian joints will thank you.

Personal Growth Opportunities

8 – Skirt Comparison Fatigue

Body image issues are not gender-specific. All bodies are different, and we all progress at different speeds. Some will use drugs, some will use filters, and some will see surgeons, while some prefer to work in silence.

There are no free lunches. It’s easier to celebrate the wins from training with less exposure to comparative temptations.

7 – Pass On Personal Training, High-Calorie Smoothies, and Membership Fees

With the X3 training system, you get access to a full library of training resources, progressive programming, top-notch X3 equipment, a nutrition guide, and an interactive online community. All in one, all from home, with no hidden fees.

6 – Create Appropriate Boundaries with Intention

A man and woman talk at a cross training gym

Work smarter, not harder. How to do this? More intense focus. Dedicate 100 percent effort to training using a system like X3, and check it off the day’s list—rather than trying to use gym bandwidth to achieve train … and socialize.

Give your best to each endeavor separately and achieve better results with more intentional focus.

5 – Train Smarter

Beyond cultivating an impenetrable mindset and focus, choosing the X3 training system allows you to maximize joint stability and minimize injury using this ergonomic system, designed to build muscle and protect joints 3 long term.

Strong mind, strong body. That’s a big win.

4 – Improve Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

By removing machine cardio, one is more likely to be physically active throughout the day. This translates into more steps and the addition of more functional daily movements, which is more important for longevity than time spent on an elliptical.

3 – Reduce Hunger

One lesser-known physique secret is that bodybuilders use cardio as a way to increase hunger for growth seasons while maintaining mild conditioning.

Less time spent throwing weights around or playing on cardio machines will bring hunger levels back down to normal. This makes sticking to a nutrition plan much easier.

2 – Make Travel Gains

Dr. John Jaquish using X3 to workout on vacation

Finally, you don’t need to choose between expansive traveling experiences and fitness consistency. The X3 system is designed to fold up into checked luggage and easily tucks away under beds and backseats.

1 – Create More Time for the Important Things In Life

Whether it’s giving back to the community, playing an active role as a professional mentor, or teaching your child how to play baseball, less time in the gym translates to more time spent doing the essential things in life.

Finding a time and effort-effective training system like the X3 is necessary if one intends to lead a life of purpose. Because you’re going to need every minute you can get. And you’ll be stronger for it.

No Weights, No Cardio

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