The Minimal Commitment Required to Improve Body Composition

In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains how you can improve your body composition with fasting and adequate protein intake. Dr. John Jaquish explains that it is possible to achieve a healthier and more attractive physique without having to put in much effort.
Full Transcript

Many of the X3 customers and what kind of nutrition that they are willing to follow, it made all of us at the company realize that not everybody wants to take an extreme approach. Some people want to, especially if you have kids, you’re going to eat with your kids, and they’re not going to eat carnivore every day.

So how do we have a minimum commitment diet that won’t turn your life upside down? And I think that’s where we want to focus on, something where the commitment is small, maybe you skip a couple of meals and then you have sort of a regular meal. So this is the one I’ve been focusing the most on and looking to develop, because hey, what good is a great nutrition program if you don’t follow it. It’s worthless.

So what we’re going to focus on is fewer meals, working towards one meal a day, and maybe let’s say on your rest day, you do a 48 hour fasted period. Now, that’s pretty easy to do, but you can work into that, like 16:8, skipping breakfast, you’re not a hero for doing that. That’s nothing. That’s very easy. A lot of people have been doing that. It’s just called skipping breakfast. So also the research doesn’t support… There are very minimal benefits from 16:8 eating because you are still kind of just… Then you might have a bigger lunch and a bigger dinner and you kind of didn’t do much. And you didn’t have a very long fasted period. So we want to focus on making that a little bit longer, but 16:8 is a great first step.

When we look at how to get our nutrition, I think everybody’s going to like this because you focus on Fortagen to get the majority of your protein. So I’ll do four doses of Fortagen spread throughout the day and then I’ll have one regular meal at night. So with four doses, I get the value of 200 grams of protein. And then I need another 50 because right now I’m about 240 pounds, so that extra 50 grams of protein I’m getting from just a regular meal, but that’s like a regular meal at a restaurant. Like if I get a lamb shank or an 8-ounce burger, or maybe even a 12-ounce steak or something like that, I’m still hitting that minimum, and I can still grow muscle. But I’m also aggressively losing body fat, because I’m in a caloric deficit, and I get a fasted benefit all day long.

So I think this program will be the most attractive for most people because now you can just go to a restaurant with your family. You don’t have to be a pain in the ass about what you order or how difficult. You know, I need a platter of steaks. I need four steaks. It doesn’t feel great being that guy every day. So I think this will resonate with the majority of our fans.