Vegans and Vegetarians: Eating to Maximize X3 Results

For vegans and vegetarians, it can be difficult to determine the best diet to maximize workout results. Dr. John Jaquish explains that by avoiding packaged foods and leveraging Fortagen, an essential amino acid supplement, you can achieve your daily protein intake goals without consuming excess (and empty) calories.
Full Transcript

One thing we want to do is make life easier for vegans and vegetarians. This is a very popular movement. A lot of people are going in that direction. So, we want to be supportive to that crowd who is using X3, or maybe not even using X3, so that they get the most optimized nutrition.

So, vegans and vegetarians are different. Vegetarians can eat eggs. Now, I got very good news for the vegetarians. Eggs are dynamite. They have a more usable ratio of quality essential amino acids, which is all that counts, than even steak. So a chicken is going to have an egg no matter what. So I strongly recommend heavy egg nutrition when you’re not having any meat, and you can get a lot of high-quality protein.

Now, for both vegans and vegetarians, that’s probably not going to be enough to hit one gram per pound of body weight. So there is Fortagen, which gives you four calories and 50 grams in equivalency based on the quality of other proteins’ value. And so, you can hit your protein targets using Fortagen and you don’t have anything to worry about.

Now, Fortagen is made out of bacterial fermentation. So you don’t have to worry about… Nothing was hurt in the process of bacterial fermentation. The bacteria lived its entire life and died before that is harvested for the use of the product. That’s the only way that works.

When it comes to the rest of the nutrition, keep in mind, a lot of vegan and vegetarian food is packaged, and it has the same drawbacks as a lot of other packaged food, which we tell everybody to stay away from because there’s a lot of chemicals that hide in there. And I won’t go over all the different packaged foods and the pitfalls of packaged foods. There’s a lot of people that are going over and they’re correct on that.

You don’t want to be eating chemicals. You want to be eating things that grow in nature that are maybe packaged together, as opposed to some Frankenstein-type chemicals you might be consuming in some of these packaged foods. So keep all those things in mind, and we’re here to support you.