Maximizing Results as a Vegan or Vegetarian

Vegan and vegetarian X3 users often struggle to consume enough protein to adequately build muscle. In this series, you’ll learn how plant-based dieters can eat to maximize their results.

Vegan Muscle-Building Diet Plan #

Vegan and vegetarian diets pose unique challenges for X3 users looking to build muscle and burn fat. In this series, you will learn how to maximize your results by making smarter, muscle-friendly nutrition decisions.

In the following videos, you’ll learn how to avoid empty calories, adopt intermittent fasting, achieve daily protein goals, and avoid sugars.

Watch and learn how to maximize your results as vegan or vegetarian.

Vegans and Vegetarians: Eating to Maximize X3 Results#

For vegans and vegetarians, it can be difficult to determine the best diet to maximize workout results. Dr. John Jaquish explains that by avoiding packaged foods and leveraging Fortagen, an essential amino acid supplement, you can achieve your daily protein intake goals without consuming excess (and empty) calories. View More →

An Overview of Sugar Alternatives#

In this video, Dr. John Jaquish discusses various sugar substitutes. He explains the health consequences of sucralose and presents alternatives such as stevia, monk fruit, and xylitol. View More →

Protein vs. Amino Acids#

Protein versus amino acids: What's the difference? In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains how an amino acid is a piece of a protein and why we need essential amino acids to synthesize muscle and support the daily functions of the human body. View More →

What Is Fasting?#

Caloric restriction and fasting are not the same. In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains how fasting has been proven to burn more fat than caloric restriction alone. He discusses how to achieve the best results and benefits through intermittent fasting. View More →

Physiological Changes that Occur During Fasting#

Fasting provides incredible physiological changes that span far beyond fat loss. In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains the benefits of fasting, including lowered insulin sensitivity, HGH upregulation, and T-cell regeneration. View More →

How to Get Started with Fasting#

How do you start fasting? In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains 16:8 fasting and clarifies why the benefits of fasting are far greater when you expand time-restricted eating windows to 24 hours or more. View More →

Dry Fasting#

In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains dry fasting, a method followed during the month of Ramadan restricting all food and water consumption from dawn to dusk. Dry fasting is a powerful way to amplify the countless benefits of fasting, including body fat loss. View More →

Consuming Fortagen While Fasting#

In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains how training in a fasted state is tremendously powerful. By supplementing with the essential amino acids and fasting, the body can continue gaining muscle while rapidly losing body fat. View More →

Where Sugar Hides#

Learn how hidden sugars could be the main culprit for excess pounds. In this video, Dr. Jaquish talks about where sugar hides, how to avoid it, and which ingredients are used to conceal added sugars. View More →

How Much Protein Is Needed to Build Muscle?#

Determining how much protein is needed to build muscle can be challenging. In this video, Dr. John Jaquish recommends consuming at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. View More →