By The List Show TV on March 13, 2022

Is X3 The Next Breakthrough in Fitness?

Is X3 The Next Breakthrough in Fitness?

Lots of us wish we could make our bodies stronger and leaner, however one reason we may avoid pursuing that fitness goal is that we’ve heard about the injury risks associated with lifting weights. The X3 program can give you power without the pain. Jacqui Denker from the daily TV show, The List, met with Dr. John Jaquish to talk about the X3, the system that’s taken the fitness world by storm.

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Jacqui Danker: By now, you may have seen ads or YouTube videos for X3. This workout system is in close to a million homes nationwide, and pro athletes swear by it.

Dr. John Jaquish: There’s NFL players that use this. The Miami Heat uses this exclusively.

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Jacqui Danker: Of course, we had to see what the hype was all about. So inventor and biochemical engineer, Dr. John Jaquish, AKA Dr. J., stopped by to give us the lowdown and a bit of a workout.

Jacqui Danker: First of all, what is X3 ?

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Dr. John Jaquish: I tell people to focus on strength training. The more muscle you build, that’s a metabolic engine that’s running all the time.

Jacqui Danker: While weights, he says, are effective, he says so many people develop injuries over the years, so he developed a system that Dr. J says is safer and allows us to lift hundreds of pounds without weights.

Dr. John Jaquish: Humans are seven times stronger here than they are here.

Jacqui Danker: Seven times.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. Once knowing that, why would you ever lift a weight? It doesn’t make any sense.

Jacqui Danker: So there’s a bar, a ground plate, which keeps our ankles aligned, and four bands. I started with the band with the lightest resistance, and I tried my hand at it starting with chest presses.

Dr. John Jaquish: You’re going to have your elbows come up. Now, I want you to push away and slightly down.

Jacqui Danker: He says, “Keep doing these till you can’t anymore.” Oh man, need to borrow this for a couple weeks.

Dr. John Jaquish: It’s delivering load where you’re stronger, and it’s offloading you where you’re not as strong.

Jacqui Danker: Next, I did some squats.

Dr. John Jaquish: You’re going to squat down. You’re going to put the bar on your shoulder. Then you’re going to point your elbows straight forward, and just stand up.

Jacqui Danker: These will really get those glutes working. He says do about 15 of these or until completely fatigued.

Dr. John Jaquish: Can go down a little further. Good.

Jacqui Danker: Finally, because I hadn’t had enough already, deadlifts.

Dr. John Jaquish: You put the band on the ground doubled over. You put the plate over the top. Bend down and grab a hold of the bar. Now, you’re just going to stand up.

Jacqui Danker: Oh, my God.

Dr. John Jaquish: This is almost the entire backside of the body.

Jacqui Danker: Yeah, I definitely felt that.

Dr. John Jaquish: Perfect.

Jacqui Danker: As for reps, he recommends doing between 15 and 40.

Jacqui Danker: I feel good.

Dr. John Jaquish: Good.

Jacqui Danker: My back is sore.

Jacqui Danker: This whole system will run you about 550 bucks. Well, we came, we saw, we kind of conquered X3 .

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

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