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Simplifying Healthy Living With John Jaquish

Simplifying Healthy Living With John Jaquish

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Mandy: Hey folks, welcome to another episode of More with Mandy, Dr. John Jaquish is a amazing man. We had such a powerful conversation. He’s actually a wall street journal, bestselling author, and the inventor of the X3. He has worked with thousands of people using keto and to get fit and losing weight. He’s going to talk all about science and why actually lifting weight is bullshit. You are going to love this episode. We had such a great conversation. We bounced around a bunch and it was really powerful and eye opening to realize like, hey, we kind of over complicate our fitness journey and it doesn’t have to be that hard. So enjoy this episode. And as always, if you drop a five-star review this week, I will pull a winner on Wednesday for an amazing keto bundle. So enjoy this episode guys, and I will see you on the next one. All right, John, I’m so excited to have you on The More with Mandy Show. You look incredible for those that can’t see him right now, but he is a beast. He looks freaking awesome. Your muscles look amazing. I aspire to be like that at some point in my life. Currently taking a little time out just to navigate some of my health challenges, but I will get there and back into the gym, super excited to do that. Why don’t you just give a little intro on you and why you look like a beast?

Dr. John Jaquish: Well, so I got my start in life sciences research when my mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis and it steered my education to getting a PhD in biomedical engineering. And so my mother was diagnosed and she was obviously very depressed, thought she couldn’t do the things that she normally liked to do. She was into gardening and tennis and hiking, and she was like, I can’t do any of these things anymore because I’m going to break a hip. And then hip fractures have the same mortality rate that breast cancer does. So most people don’t know that. So it’s a serious thing, your bone density. So couldn’t do what she wanted to. And she didn’t want to take any of the pharmaceuticals because they had very severe side effects. And so I decided I was going to go build a medical device because I had an idea that I would find the… I thought I would get the answer I was looking for, but I had to do a full literature review to try and find the outliers of people who had the strongest bone density on earth, how did they do it? And so what I did, I looked at different types of research. And I mean, I even searched for keywords like above average bone density with elderly de-conditioned population or young population or whatever. I found the group of outliers, it was gymnast. It was because of the way they hit the ground. They hit the ground at sometimes 10 times their body weight. This is probably the worst recommendation medicine, only because it lacks any relevant detail which would be the only reason you’d follow it. So a load or resistance is good for bone. So there’s millions of post-menopausal women who are going for walks. So they can put some load on their bone and grow their bone density. They are never going to do anything with their bone, because as was already discovered by other scientists, it takes 4.2 multiples of body weight to do anything. So think about your weight, know what I mean? Forget about the 0.2. Think about your weight, multiply by four, that’s the load you need to get to trigger bone growth. So there’s nothing in gym that will do that. There’s nothing going walking will do that, nothing. And so I was like, okay, so all these people are wasting their time. Physicians are giving a worthless recommendation where people are going to waste their time and give them false hope, which it’s unfortunate, but that happens in medicine as we learn. So that’s okay.

Mandy: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: So I realized that gymnast we’re absorbing more than the 4.2, hence they had the highest bone density of anyone on earth. And so I thought, okay, I’m going to make a series of medical devices that apply force to the human body and optimize positions. The positions that you absorb high-impact force like the gymnast do, and make it safe and computer monitored and robotic so that it’s absolutely repeatable every time with no other variables to get in the way. That’s what I did. The machines are now at OsteoStrong clinics. You can only find it at OsteoStrong clinics. There’s 150 clinics in eight different countries around the world. And not only did I reverse my mother’s osteoporosis with this device, millions of other people have been able to reverse their bone loss and even build bone density, like I’m 2.5 standard deviations above normal bone density for a 30 year old and I’m 44.

Mandy: Wow, that’s incredible.

Dr. John Jaquish: It works for everybody. If you want to use it prophylactically as a younger person, it’ll give you 30 years of bone density. So it’s not like working a muscle where it goes away as soon as you stop working out, this will be there for 30 years because the metabolic rate of bone is less. Now, what I’m more known for, so this was important to that population and I don’t see bone density as a niche thing, but the people who have bone density challenges, most of them were not on the internet at all. So what I learned though, in the research with medical device is that what we do for fitness is really unintelligent and cardio is probably the worst thing you can do.

Mandy: Yes. I’m so happy that you said that. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Dr. John Jaquish: Cardio will keep you fatter longer. And by the way, this isn’t my opinion, there’s 40 years of research. Researchers have not been able to communicate with the fitness industry and is part of my problem with the fitness industry and I kind of ridicule the fitness industry for having no scientific understanding. Still to this day, ask most personal trainers and they’re like, oh yeah, cardio helps to get lean. No. Cardio shrinks muscle and preserves body fat because of the high cortisol levels for long periods of time. Like literally it’s trying to make you fatter longer. Exactly the opposite of what people think it does. So you’re at a caloric deficit and you do your cardio and you’re exhausted all the time. You have no energy, you’re irritable, hungry, it’s because your body is like, stop doing this. Now, if you want to be a marathon runner, you got to run marathons. You’re going to have to deal with very low muscle mass and you’re not going to be lean either, you’re going to be skinny fat. Which means very little muscle and a significant amount of body fat but that’s what a marathon runner needs to be to accomplish the objectives they want to do. And that’s fine if that’s what they want to do. I mean, I would never want to do that but-

Mandy: No, thank you.

Dr. John Jaquish: Correct. There’s a lot of different sports where you have to really go for a specific thing that wouldn’t make sense for health, but may make sense for a particular sport. But then when it came to my research, what I saw was that humans, let’s say you’re doing a pushup and you’re at the bottom of a pushup and you can hold X amount of weight. If somebody stacked weight on your back, how much can you hold in that really compromised position? Well, that’s how we pick weights when we lift weights, because you got to start the exercise at the bottom so you pick the weight that your weakest position can handle. Well, what happens in your strongest position? Nothing because you’re actually seven times more capable at the top of one of these movements than you are at the bottom. So if you’re seven times stronger in the most efficient position, you’re not engaging very much when you’re in that position. So the most advantage you can take is what gets ignored. It just doesn’t make any sense at all, which is why I wrote the book, Weightlifting is a Waste of Time: and So Is Cardio, There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want. That’s me on the cover. It’s way better to show this than to take my shirt off on the show, that would be rude.

Mandy: Hey, there’s no rules here. If you really want to.

Dr. John Jaquish: It’s all right. I’ll tell people how to get to my Instagram.

Mandy: Okay, perfect. That’s all good.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. I’d like some normal people that actually follow me because for some strange reason, teenage girls in South American countries really love muscular guys. And that’s like half of my followers and it’s just, they ask me questions like, oh my God, you live in California, do you know Justin Bieber? And I’m like, that’s your question? I just gave you a bunch of science and you’re like, do you know Justin Bieber. Or another Logan Paul and-

Mandy: Oh yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. I get asked that a lot. Or could you introduce me to Logan Paul?

Mandy: Oh my God.

Dr. John Jaquish: I did connect with those guys through somebody years ago.

Mandy: Yeah. No, for sure. We don’t want teeny-bopper questions. Yeah. So I think you have amazing knowledge and you’re definitely helped a lot of people on my podcast. My question for you is I’ve heard this from Dr. Ken Ford. I’m not sure if you know who he is, but he worked at NASA and he has a robotic center down in Florida, but he always speaks at some of our conferences and I’ve heard him speak before. And he says that you want to go happy, happy, happy, happy, dead. And the way to do that is by eating protein and-

No Weights, No Cardio

Dr. John Jaquish: Very scientific of that guy.

Mandy: Yes, no, he is very scientific, but he dumbs it down for us. And he says that you don’t want to sit in a nursing home because what happens is hip fractures happen and that’s kind of where you just go to basically waste away. So for my audience, how would we prevent that osteoporosis type situation from happening? Because in my space, people feel they need to fear protein because they think it’s going to turn into glucogenesis. But ultimately-

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s false.

Mandy: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: People will hear the word and they’re like, oh, it turns into sugar. And then they go down this idiotic path, not understanding the word gluconeogenesis and making all the decisions based on their misunderstanding of that word. Absolutely idiotic. When protein is converted into glucose, it has an address. So think of a package as being packed and then shipped to a place. It doesn’t just go nowhere-

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: … like when you eat sugar. When you eat sugar, it sits in your blood, it over saturates the receptors and makes the receptors dysfunctional, which is the beginnings of type 2 diabetes. And every time you eat sugar, there’s a little bit of that that happens. And most people eat it all day every day. And so a number of things happen so the irritation and the inflammation in the arteries causes arterial sclerosis. So you have flexibility in your arteries until that happens and then they’re like this, they can’t open up. And that’s the cause of heart attacks, by the way, it’s not cholesterol at all. Cholesterol collects at those choke points. And just because it collects at the choke points, everybody blamed cholesterol, nothing to do with it. In fact, the worst cholesterol you have, the longer you’re going to live. And that research has been out for 10 years.

Mandy: I know I have a lot of people that come back and they’re like, oh, well, I had to stop doing keto. And I don’t even tell people to do keto. I say, cook a veggie and meat in a healthy fat and that is a healthy diet and that’s it.

Dr. John Jaquish: I just tell them, cholesterol is not what you think it is, ignore all that, eat all eggs and butter, whatever. It’s just fools who are out of date. If your physician still prescribes, statins, get a new physician-

Mandy: Yeah. I agree.

Dr. John Jaquish: … they’re literally hurting you. And there’s evidence for this. Again, it’s not my opinion, this research has been out there for a long time. Now I am notorious for calling these out. Like I say, there’s only two macronutrients and people get upset about that. And I say, type 2 diabetes is not a dysfunction of the body, it’s a function. It’s a function to help us get fat for the winter, which is when we have carbohydrates available. Carbohydrates, other than replacing muscle glycogen when you’re exercising, there’s a little bit of benefit there, they exist in nature for one reason, one reason only, to get you fat. And with animals, there are periods of the year where they want to get as fat as possible. I mean, I don’t want to be as fat as possible, but there may be some person who’s like, I’m going to get fat for the winter-

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: … because I’m going to live outside. And bears give themselves type 2 diabetes every year. And I’m very much harassed for making that comment but it’s factual. Also the American Medical Association, has the minimum amount of carbohydrates you need to survive is zero.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: So it’s not even a macronutrient. You don’t need it at all. And so when people are like, oh, you need your carbs it’s like, okay so you’re just trying to make somebody who probably won’t follow your nutrition recommendations happy but the problem is you’re almost guaranteeing your failure. Because it’s sort of like, do alcoholics get a cheat day?

Mandy: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: They get to have one day where they just get to drink four bottles of wine and they’re going to be fine tomorrow. No, carbohydrates are addictive, but for animals, they’re unable to be found in the winter time. So they just got to suck it up and be carnivores again, just like ancient humans did. Like anybody who says our ancestors ate vegetables. No, they didn’t. That’s total BS. The anthropology research shows it and logic defeats this. So in the cold season they were eating fruit, huh? You sure about that? There’s no fruit trees, there’s no vegetables, nothing is blooming, all you got is animals. So you can cry all you want about the animals, by the way, vegetable farming kills 7.3 billion animals per year. Because every, and this is true, that every species, if you have a growing population, you’re taking resources from something else-

Mandy: right.

Dr. John Jaquish: … that will die. We take away the habitat of wild boars or deer or whatever, they’re going to die. Or they got to move somewhere else and there’s risks to that. Like the deer have to move into where all the wolves live and they all get eaten because where they used to live is now a 50,000 acre farm. So that’s just the way stuff works. So anyway, I got off on a couple of tangents there but-

Mandy: That’s okay. I love that you have an unorthodox approach, which I do as well. The unorthodox approach which is actually, and probably we’re in agreement, the right approach because when we think of nutrition or in your case or in your area of expertise, like weight training and stuff like that, it’s just like we hear 17,000 different things. But what always made sense to me would be like going back into nature and thinking about the exact same thing you said, like carbohydrates, like feast or famine, becoming a carnival or staying carnival. All of that stuff made more sense to me than reading that we need to eat seven times a day, three meals and snacks and stuff like that. So-

Dr. John Jaquish: Or you need nut butters harvested from every continent in the world.

Mandy: No. So-

Dr. John Jaquish: I’ve read some vegan website. Literally it was the requirements for the diet that they’re recommending, required nut butters which you’re denaturing and not, and destroying the fiber. But then they say fiber is important, which is not by the way. I have had no fiber in years and I’m fantastic.

Mandy: What do you eat specifically? How do you fuel your body?

Dr. John Jaquish: I eat steak and that’s it, I eat one meal a day.

Mandy: Okay.

Dr. John Jaquish: Now I do consume a supplement. I don’t have it around here. It’s called Fortagen, it’s bacterial fermentation. So this is actually vegan-friendly.

Mandy: Okay.

Dr. John Jaquish: It’s bacterial fermentation that delivers the most efficient and effective proteins ever been seen. It’s derived off of cancer treatment and that worked very well for anti wasting. It’s been modified a little bit to be the most anabolic protein. Anabolic means growth, as in muscle growth. So it works fantastic and like I said, vegans can use it. But I weigh 240 pounds and I need a lot of protein. I need at least 240 grams of protein. So I eat one meal a day, but sometimes I do longer fasts, today actually I’m doing a long fast. Now because of the Fortagen I’ve cut way down on my meat. So I’ll have a pound of steak and a couple servings of Fortagen and now I’m up past 250 in my grams. But again, that’s in one setting so 24 hour fast.

Mandy: Wow.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. And it’s really simple and it’s really easy to schedule and it doesn’t disappoint your friends because at dinner time you don’t have to be like, oh, I’ll just sit here, I’m not eating anything.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: Because everybody thinks, what a weirdo or they’re mad, they’re like, oh, you’re too good to eat with us.

Mandy: I do not think that you’re weird, I’m currently eating animal products pretty much only. I do ghee and wet steaks basically just because that’s just what I like. I’ve had my own auto immune challenges that now I’ve navigated and the whole reason why I do what I do. But currently they’ve just been really, really flared up. And I’ve been doing carnivore for the last month. And I can honestly say in just one month I feel tremendously better. And it’s the only diet that I’ve really been able to do. Yes, I love keto, I love vegetables and all of that, generally speaking, it’s just for me and my personal body, as I’m finding. They have no place anywhere in me and I feel great and I don’t feel like I’m lacking. And I feel like over the last four weeks, food doesn’t control me. I know I’ve eaten pretty clean, but on occasion I’ll have tacos or whatever. But now I don’t even feel like I need it, and I feel so much better. So have you adopted that kind of unorthodox but not to us, approach to your diet or what made you transition over?

Dr. John Jaquish: I always imagine when I start researching something, I’m doing some heavy literature reviews now. I probably got, for different search terms, maybe 5,000 different papers for dry fasting.

Mandy: Oh wow.

Dr. John Jaquish: Because what happens with the dry fast is you dehydrate so much the body starts pulling moisture out of fat cells, which actually destroys them. Because normal caloric deficit, or even fasts and weight loss, you have a fat cell and it shrinks.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: But then it blows back up and you start eating more, which is why people who have been morbidly obese, they can put on body fat on a lot faster than people who have never been more, really obese. With dry fasting it actually destroys the cell.

Mandy: Wow.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. And we learn this because in a medical setting, you can’t tell someone not to drink water, it’s unethical.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: But in the Middle East for Ramadan, they do it every day. Also ask any American wrestler like UFA or MMA fighter. They have to cut weight and they dehydrate themselves so they can go into a fight with an extra five to 10 pounds of muscle. And I wrestled. So, I mean, we didn’t call it dry fasting we called it cutting weight.

Mandy: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: But every wrestler who did this because it was the only way you could get an edge on your opponent is, if you’re in the 160 pound weight class, be a lean 170 pounds and then dry fast for 24 hours. And all of a sudden your 10 pounds is gone, but then you just drink an electrolyte drink and your ready to go with 10 pounds more muscle to really grind that guy’s face into the mat.

Mandy: Ladies before y’all go and not eat and drink for 24 hours, like-

Dr. John Jaquish: The research. But I’m just pointing out that Muslims doing this for, I don’t know, thousand years that we know of. They’re all fine. They’re not sick. I mean, and also there are parts of the Middle East where there’s a major type 2 diabetes problems. I was in Dubai talking to about it to physicians, it was kind of right before COVID. Yeah. I mean, they have a huge type two diabetes problem, but it kind of saves them when they get to Ramadan because they eat one meal a day and they dry fast all day while the sun is up. While the sun is up no food or liquid and they lose tons of body fat. And it’s like, well, yeah, because it’s like they’re getting ready for wrestling match.

Mandy: Right. So what would be your top tips for anybody listening to this podcast that want to optimize their health and wellness. Maybe not be as extreme as our carnivore diets, but maybe kind of dabbling or just really just want to revolutionize their health but aren’t really sure where to start. What would you say?

Dr. John Jaquish: So, you ever worked with NFL players?

Mandy: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: Okay. I work with a lot of them. They’re in shape because it’s their job. You and I love to challenge what we can do with our bodies and optimize ourselves and our goal is to be the best, most optimized machines as humans that we can be and then share that information. It’s really fun what we do.

Mandy: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: Vast majority in the NFL, they want to win games. They want to get paid and they really don’t care for anything healthy and they really like McDonald’s. Our former president had a, I think it was a college national champion team, I don’t remember what team it was. But they’re like, what kind of food do you guys like? Because I feel like White House food, he beats up on the White House staff, that didn’t help. So he’s like, hey, the cooks here they’re all right. But what do you guys want? And somebody is like, and he’s on like a Skype caller like, we like McDonald’s. So he had, I don’t know, hundreds of big Mc’s and chicken McNuggets in to the White House. Yeah. So my point is these guys, their focus is winning games, it’s not nutrition. So I tell them about carnivore and they’re like, man, I want to be better but, can I still make nuggets? And I’m like, no. First of all, the batter around them, I know some executives at McDonald’s. So I can actually defend McDonald’s a little bit, it’s tempura batter.

Mandy: Okay, that’s good to know.

Dr. John Jaquish: So anybody who eat sushi and then they’re like, McDonald’s is. Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The same thing. But I mean, I just don’t ever do that.

Mandy: No, thank you.

Dr. John Jaquish: No. I mean, it’s because the inflammation from the oils they fry it in. I tell them to carnival and I just go, look, I say the same thing, in fact, I got this idea from Dr. Baker. Dr. Shawn Baker, he wrote the book, The Carnivore Diet. Amazing human being. If you haven’t had him on your show, you need to and drop my name. And so I think he definitely trusts my opinion. So he says to these guys like, “Oh, I can’t give up beer or whatever,” and he goes, just make 70% of your nutrition meat and see what happens. Of course these guys are breaking records all over the place and they feel better. They feel like they can stay in the league longer. The average lifetime of an NFL player is three years.

Mandy: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: And then they, whether it’s injuries or they start not playing like they used to and then they’re depressed. It’s such a brutal sport on the body. And also if you’re not one of the biggest guys out there, you’re getting the biggest guys out there hitting you.

Mandy: Yeah.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. It’s rough. That’s probably part of the reason why everybody admires Tom Brady so much-

Mandy: I was just going to bring him up.

Dr. John Jaquish: … he has been able to survive in the league without any major injuries for like longer than anyone.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: And I got some insights on that, but I don’t know whether your listeners are pretending-

Mandy: I want to know, that was going to be my question. I was going to say, so why is Tom Brady, and it’s for perspective, like, yes, of course it’s NFL, but NFL performance, they want to win championships, they want to win games, they want to feel great, but they don’t really want to give up stuff. They’re normal, whatever, McDonald’s.

Dr. John Jaquish: Even though he’s a slim guy, he only trains with variable resistance. So now the product that I have, so we’re connected through some of his people. I’m not talking to him directly, but I know some of his people really well. And he had a little bit of understanding of what’s in Weightlifting is a Waste of Time.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: And more specifically his physical therapist, Alex Guerrero. They kind of made the same observation even before my, no, it was right after my research came out, that demonstrated that humans are seven times stronger in a stronger range than they’re on the weaker range. Which really just that piece of information alone invalidates standard weight training because standard weight training, you’re holding the same weight the whole time. And that was then that we were getting from the osteoporosis research into what I do with fitness. So I invented a product, it’s called X3 Bar variable resistance training system, is the website. And when somebody engages in action and the force that’s put through the body, it becomes greater as they get to a stronger position, which is how the device is arranged. It’s a very heavy latex banding, 50 to a 100 times greater than the kind of banding you’d get at Walmart or whatever. And then it’s a steel bar with rotation, I can show you that. So this is the bar and you see how when I rotate the hooks, they stay together. Yeah. So it always keeps your wrist neutral. And then there’s an equivalent portion for the feet so your ankles never bend. And now you can train heavier than you’re ever trained with far lower risk of injury with more repetitions there by delivering greater level of fatigue, which in every case that I’ve seen with a correct usage of the product, vastly greater muscular gains. I mean, most people don’t gain any muscle at all when they lift weights. So like I said, that was before we started the show, people shouldn’t defend the fitness industry. The fitness industry is the most failed human endeavor. I’ve data in the book, I’m referencing a bunch of studies that 99% of people have no results. If you knew of an investment company that lost 99% of their money, would you invest?

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Mandy: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right. So why do we listen to what the fitness industry and what they’ve had to say for the last 75 years? Because it’s wrong obviously.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: And I just have a better approach and it’s infallible. I lay the information out, there is a 250 page book with 275 academic references. It just makes any other fitness book, just look like clowns wrote it.

Mandy: I definitely would like to, I’m going to check it out. I want to check out your supplements as well, mainly because I’m about ready to start back again into the gym and stuff like that, and gains are really important to me. You don’t know this and maybe some of my audience actually doesn’t know this, but I actually had my knees replaced at 28, my left one done twice. Yeah. I’ve had autoimmune inflammatory disease for-

Dr. John Jaquish: Was it RA? Or was it-

Mandy: Ankylosing spondylitis. So generally presents in men and generally presents in the back. My back is solid. It was all in my knees and I was just misdiagnosed for so long. And the reason why I do what I do is because I started getting into ketosis using exogenous ketones and then started doing it actually nutritionally. But when I use the exaggerates ketones first, it would just like completely changed everything for me. And then I started using keto and actually went into remission, I had my last surgery, popped out and now I’m kind of navigating again. But I’ve been doing the carnivore while drinking pure therapeutic ketones and I’ve just seen amazing results. And now I’m to a point where I want to start getting my body back and I want to eventually be ripped and look like you and feel great. So I want to definitely take that approach. Do you think that your book sets… Is it simple for someone to follow? Is it easy for… I know nothing is actually easy. If it was easy, everybody would be super skinny and look like a beast.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah, everybody would. Yeah. That is I forgive and I’m not talking about sports scientists, but the fitness industry. The guys who are running gyms who are training trainers. Unfortunately personal training is really like a transitional job. Like I just graduated from college, a real job kind of thing. And so then they work as trainers and there’s not many, I know plenty of them that take it seriously and they’re very good. And I know many of them that have X3s at their gym. I’ve seen a couple of gyms where they got rid of all the equipment and just have X3s because they’re like, yeah, I mean, anything other than X3 is just kind of dumb.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: There’s other programs out there that are kind of simple and movable because everybody likes extra because you put a drawer when you’re done. But that’s really something that has changed everything.

Mandy: My question was, it’s definitely not easy, but is it simple for someone to follow? For example, I teach five pillars, nutrition, hydration, sleep, self-care, movement. And if you focus on those five things, regardless of what approach you take, Quito burrito, weight training. I mean, I’m anti cardio just as we talked about, but like move your body and drink water, manage your stress, get some sleep, manage your nutrition. It’s simple techniques that get my people results because it’s simple, not easy to do that because it’s your mindset. So are you similar to that? Or how does that work in terms of your book a little bit without giving the whole thing away, we want people to go buy it because I will to buy it.

Dr. John Jaquish: Oh, I can give away everything, but people will still want to buy it. Because they want to be able to read it over again because there’ll be in disbelief about 10 different things and they’re like, no way. So, is it a simple book? No, but you don’t need to be a physician to read it. You need to be like, it’s like a high school textbook.

Mandy: Good.

Dr. John Jaquish: If you could read a high school biology book you can read this. I mean, I should say, read and understand because of some Facebook commenters that I’ve met-

Mandy: They’re the best.

Dr. John Jaquish: … that may have read a book, but didn’t understand a word. So I think 90% of the population can read it and really enjoy it. But I think also I challenge people to a higher level of academic reading when they read this, because they really want to understand like, is this guy for real, is what he’s saying is it really backed up. And then I pull in references from all different places. Like the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yeah. Mr. Kellogg wrote that to sell breakfast cereal. Because before breakfast cereal was developed, there wasn’t such thing as breakfast. We would just have coffee and go work.

Mandy: Right.

Dr. John Jaquish: Yeah. And they had much harder work than we have today. I think we should go back to that.

Mandy: I remember when I worked in an office, I was on Facebook all day and thus, why am I on business owner on Facebook for the most part. But you’re so right. And I love your unorthodox approach about everything. Which I keep saying unorthodox, but I think it’s unorthodox compared to industry standard, but the industry has gotten it wrong. Doctors have failed me and told me that tequila and cupcakes affect my inflammation and zero and I was like, you’re fired. But I think the differentiator between people and success is really just building a team around people that align with your values and what feels good for you. Not just because some authority figure said this or this, like doing what feels good to you, but stop making bullshit excuses as to why you can’t and find a solution as to why you can. And I think that’s the differentiator.

Dr. John Jaquish: I totally agree.

Mandy: Adopt the Tom Brady mentality, he’s a winner.

Dr. John Jaquish: He doesn’t really talk about it, at least nothing that I’ve seen, what’s really going into his mindset. And I don’t know why. You have to be a pretty special individual to have that kind of discipline. And I’d say like, if there’s one thing that will break it down or one word that he does differently than everybody else is discipline. The guy never misses a workout. The guy’s meals, everything is measured. Everything’s perfect. Yeah. I think he goes to bed at the same time every day wakes up at the same time every day. There’s no big nights at the nightclub.

Mandy: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: I don’t think that happens to him.

Mandy: But that’s why he’s the goat. I hate even saying that because I’m really not a big fan but I have to give respect.

Dr. John Jaquish: People didn’t like Michael Phelps either because he had extra long arms, which makes for a superhuman swimmer, but he still broke all the records. So, what are we going to do? Complained about that?

Mandy: No.

Dr. John Jaquish: That’s pretty cool.

Mandy: My phrase is you can’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do. And he does the work and he gets the results.

Dr. John Jaquish: Right.

Mandy: If we all adopted just a little bit of discipline, a little bit of intention and a little bit of just hard work, I think we would all be-

Dr. John Jaquish: Right that down. Is that a quote? Is that from you or did Winston Churchill say that? It’s awesome.

Mandy: I heard it somewhere and I just say it all the time now because it resonates and hits home. I think when I heard, I would give credit where it’s due, I always do. But I genuinely don’t know where I heard it and-

Dr. John Jaquish: Got it.

Mandy: … I just say it all the time now. So. All right. So where can everybody on the interwebs find you on the interwebs and where can we get your book?

Dr. John Jaquish: So I created a landing page, so I only have to say one thing and then people get to Instagram or YouTube or my book or my muscle growth product, the X3, what I was just showing. Or the superior nutrition, the protein. So it’s, D-O-C-T-O-R the letter J .com. Apparently Julius Irving is fishing now and he doesn’t need it. So I don’t know if you remember who that is-

With X3, you train with greater force to trigger Greater Gains

Mandy: I do know who Julius Irving is.

Dr. John Jaquish: Is that right. So yeah, that’s me now. If he wants it back he would have to fight me.

Mandy: Well, we will put it in the show notes so everybody can go click that link. You are a fascinating individual. I’m super excited. And then thank you so much for spending some time with me and we’ll see you guys on the next episode.

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