X3 Split Squats

Learn how to perform the band Split Squat exercise with the X3. This powerful movement isolates the quads and triggers the release of human growth hormone.
Full Transcript

The split squat is superior to the front squat, which is far superior to a back squat. Our own biomechanics are better when we use one leg at a time, probably because we’re humans and we walk on one leg at a time, we run on one leg at a time. In fact, unless you’re a kangaroo, everything you do is on one leg at a time unless you’re stopped. So focusing all the body’s resources when you’re doing the split squat, you’re focusing all the resources on one quadricep and one glute, as opposed to both. So everything from your heart, your lungs, all your resources going into just one side of your body, taking that to complete exhaustion, and then the other side of your body, you’re gonna get a much better stimulus and have a much more powerful growth response as a result of this. Begin with a band hooked on each side of the bar. The band should run underneath your foot and close to the heel. Then, you wanna bring the bar up to your shoulders, just like the regular squat. You want to drive upwards, putting your body weight over the front leg. The rear leg is only there for balance purposes, so you don’t feel a lot of force going through your back leg. You want all of it going through the front leg so that you are focusing all of your body’s resources on exhausting that one quadricep in the front leg and that one glute. As Alex descends, notice her knee almost touches the ground. So, same cadence, two seconds up, two seconds down. There’s a lot of stabilization activity through the core. Now, this stabilization activity builds a higher level of circulating growth hormone during the action and afterward. That growth hormone response helps with burning body fat. The same is true with standard weightlifting, but because of the variable resistance, because the user is using more force through the movements, more growth hormone is secreted and thereby explains how X3 users drop body fat much quicker than people who use standard fitness equipment. As she starts to go to fatigue, with a complete range of motion, 15 to 40 repetitions with each leg, she starts shortening the repetitions. Now, just like everything else, this is diminishing range. She’s going to go until the repetitions are so short she’s almost just kneeling on the ground with complete exhaustion. As you perform the split squat, you’re gonna notice a lot of stabilization firing. In fact, you’ll be done with the split squat, and you’ll probably feel it more or less the most in the core. Now, I know that’s strange. Usually you feel it in your glutes while you’re doing it, and then as soon as you stop, you’ll feel it in your quadriceps. Usually I’m on my hands and knees at that point, ‘cause you do go to a very high level of exhaustion. But you feel it in your core too, and it’s because of the stabilization firing. And as I mentioned earlier in the program, the stabilization firing, plus loading, dramatically increases growth hormone for a period of time. That’s gonna very aggressively attack body fat, and if you’re eating the correct nutrition will diminish your body fat in a much more rapid fashion than with any other standard approach you would take.