How to Get Started With Fasting

How do you start fasting? In this video, Dr. John Jaquish explains 16:8 fasting and clarifies why the benefits of fasting are far greater when you expand time-restricted eating windows to 24 hours or more.
Full Transcript

A very popular question we get with the customer service group is how does one get started with fasting?

Now, I’ve mentioned in a few of the other videos, 16:8 fasting, or an eight-hour eating window, which really means skipping breakfast. This has been shown effective for weight loss in some. Doesn’t really do anything for insulin sensitivity, it’s not long enough. And remember what we went over in the different phases of faster periods, we noticed that there’s much more aggressive weight loss the longer.

So, basically in the 16:8 paradigm, it’s really those last two hours. Now, there’s a study by Cienfuegos and researchers in 2020 that covers the differences between a four-hour eating window and a six-hour eating window and an eight-hour eating window. Now, when looking at those things, obviously, the smaller the eating window, the greater the benefit, and also a noticeable metabolic effect. So, you always want to be marching towards a longer fasting period.