Where Sugar Hides

Learn how hidden sugars could be the main culprit for excess pounds. In this video, Dr. Jaquish talks about where sugar hides, how to avoid it, and which ingredients are used to conceal added sugars.
Full Transcript

There are a lot of quotes, healthy things that people talk about. Like you need to drink fruit juice in the morning. Fruit juice is just a cup of sugar. In nature, at least if you have oranges, instead of orange juice, you have the fiber there to slow down the digestion of the fructose that is readily available.

A couple of other places, like ketchup, you think ketchup you just put on your piece of meat and it’s just flavoring for it. That’s mostly refined sugar. Fake health food, Nature Valley, or Nature whatever, just because they use the word nature doesn’t mean it’s really all that natural or how you would get those ingredients in real life.

You see a bunch of trees on a package and the package is green, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy either. It’s probably just as bad as your typical candy bar.

When you have bread or pastries, obviously there’s, well, I don’t know if it’s obvious, because I think a lot of people say, “Okay, I won’t have anything sweet, but I’ll just have bread instead.”

And, if you look at sourdough bread, there’s about a little more than half of the amount of sugar in sourdough bread versus standard bread. They call it sourdough for a reason because it doesn’t have a lot of sweet taste to it. There’s also a much better glycemic index of it. So for somebody who goes to a restaurant, they have a choice of a regular bun on a burger or if there’s a sourdough option, go for the sourdough option.

You want to also just read nutrition labels because sugar hides. There’s a lot more sugar in a Coca-Cola than you think because they counterbalance the sweet taste with sodium so they can get more sugar into the drink and still make it drinkable because otherwise if they took all the sodium out you wouldn’t even be able to handle drinking it, it would be so sweet. It would be disgusting.

So keep those things in mind, sodium is a cover. You want to see how many grams of carbohydrates are in there. Most of you are not going to want more than, even with the hyperplasia protocol, 80 grams of sugar. I even go lower than the recommendation that was made by the study that we based the hyperplasia protocol on, which is how much carbohydrates we should have.

I feel a slight bit of the beginnings of hypoglycemia because my hands can shake a little bit and I feel a little sweaty. So I even cut back from there. So I do a little bit less. It doesn’t seem to bother people as much as it bothers me, but maybe I’m just a little more sensitive to that because I’ve been experimenting with it for so long.

I might have a less tolerant metabolic system than some others, which is a good thing. I’m happy about that. So remember sugar hides and you have to find it and that’s the way to eliminate it.