Low-Carb Diets Versus Low-Fat Diets

In this video, Dr. John Jaquish provides clarity on the topic of low-fat diets and recommends low-carb, high-fat diets for overall health and physique improvement.
Full Transcript

There’s a lot of false information out on the internet about low-fat diets and a lot of its old information that’s just reprocessed.

We know a lot more in the last 10 years about nutrition science than we did in the previous 100 years. That’s my opinion, by the way. There’s no study on that, but a lot of better data.

So most human studies are made up of survey data. There are actually randomized controlled trials on what I’m about to talk about, which is comparing high-fat diets or low-fat diets, and then low carbohydrate diets or high carbohydrate diets. So it is the low carbohydrate, a higher fat diet that wins here.

You’re probably not going to be shocked to hear me say that and there is so much evidence. If you want the depth of the biochemical research that has been done, this is a video meta-analysis of all the research that’s been done on high levels of carbohydrates.

I recommend watching Sugar: The Bitter Truth, which is an hour and a half video done at the University of San Francisco by Professor Robert Lustig. And it’s awesome. It will cover every little detail of why you should not have carbohydrates, and he even cites that the only way you can get away with it is pairing it with a workout, which completely dovetails with our hyperplasia protocol, which would make sense. When you’re exercising, you’re using the glycogen in muscle and you can replace that glycogen muscle, the glycogen going into muscle, without really impacting the storage of body fat depending on the levels, and you’ve got to be very careful with that.

Also, there are going to be some other randomized control trials listed in the description of this video.

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