The Hyperplasia Protocol

In this episode, Dr. Jaquish gives an overview of the hyperplasia protocol, which involves amplifying cellular hydration and mechanically creating room in the muscle to accelerate growth.
Full Transcript

We get a lot of questions about the hyperplasia protocol. Now, it’s detailed and there are details I will be leaving out of this video because in the book Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want, we take about 20 pages to cover it, and 20 pages with a lot of academic references, because things needed to be said to truly lay it all out.

So if you want all the information, go back there and read it. But basically what we’re doing is we’re stretching the casing of the muscle, the muscle fascia, and by stretching that we mechanically create room for an accelerated amount of growth.

This has been shown in animal studies by stretching like a bird’s wing way back and allowing that stretch and the hydration that comes into a stretched muscle, which can be amplified with certain nutritional choices and vasodilators so that more hydration goes into a muscle and the growth can even be more aggressive.

So basically what an individual does is, after the workout, they consume carbohydrates at one gram per pound of body weight, or half a gram per pound of body weight.

I urge you to go half a gram per pound of body weight. I think one gram is way too much, but I’m just telling you what the studies say. So this is to get the optimal amount of hydration in the cell to replace the glycogen.

While the glycogen is being replaced, a lot more moisture is going into the cell. If you take a vasodilator, this part is optional, but a vasodilator like Epimedium, that’s just a herbal vasodilator, you can get serious and take one or two Viagra, and that will enhance the amount of water that goes into the muscle delivering that glycogen. Now, when that glycogen is delivered, the muscle puffs up even more. So you get a greater “pump”. That’s not a scientific word, but everybody knows what I mean, blood rushing into the muscle, so you get that greatest effect.

And then while that’s happening, you do an extended stretch, let’s say 30 seconds, even a minute you can go, stretching the musculature. Get in a doorway and stretch your pectorals. You can do this and stretch your triceps, so feeling tightness in here because the muscle is extraordinarily stretched.

I don’t need to teach everybody how to stretch. You can Google those stretches. Deltoids, this is a common question we get. You just stretch it across the body. So in that protocol, you will see much more aggressive, muscular growth.

And what’s special about this type of muscular growth, when that room is created in the musculature by stretching out the muscle fascia, you get a splitting of muscle cells. So not just growth in the standard manner, but the muscle cell splits into two cells and that is profound.