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X3 Nutrition hero

Week 1 #

Best Easy Dieting Advice

Week 2 #

The first X3 nutrition video. We discuss the problem with sugar.

Week 3 #

Learn about where added sugar hides in foods you may not expect.

Week 4 #

Xylitol, for when sugar is too tempting.

Week 5 #

A new reason to be concerned about the safety of gluten.

Week 6 #

Simple vs. Complex Carbs, the Glycemic Index.

Week 7 #

An unusual take on “eating local.”

Week 8 #

Perhaps our most practical nutrition advice, ever. Check out some healthy food options that require no prep work whatsoever.

Week 9 #

Ketogenic diets are somewhat more controversial and difficult than our previous advice. Now we’re going to talk about them anyway.

Week 10 #

If the ketogenic diet discussed in Week 9 isn’t appealing to you, intermittent fasting is a way to potentially glean some of the same benefit from a much easier commitment. It can also be done in addition to a full ketogenic diet, if one is so inclined. We talk about intermittent fasting here in week 10 nutrition. We also discuss the supposed “anabolic window”.

Week 11 #

We provide our take on supplements.

Week 12 #

We review all of our nutrition discussions, and give some historical context.