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Jaquish Biomedical X3® Force (BAR ONLY)

X3 Force combines smart home gym capability with the superior X3 variable resistance training methodology. The Force bar uses real-time data based on time under variable tension and repetitions to calculate a Total Force rating.

Tap into data-driven X3 workouts to stimulate more growth than ever before.

  • View Peak Force For Each Movement
  • Calculate Time Under Variable Tension
  • Quantify Overall Workout Quality
  • Record Workout Duration
  • Monitor Rep Count and Consistency

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Requires iOS Device to Function

We are pleased to announce the new Jaquish Biomedical X3® Force! Due to limited supply, this is a very exclusive initial release, available only to select customers.

X3 Force is an electronic, force-tracking X3 bar that works with the X3 Force iOS app to display and record real-time data about each exercise session on your phone. With X3 Force, you can get the benefits of a smart home gym, combined with the superior X3 variable resistance workout methodology.

With every workout, you’ll compete with your previous Total Force, a performance metric that uses real-time force data to calculate time under variable tension and overall workout quality. This way you will always know you’re stimulating more growth.

X3 Force combines force data with time and rep count information to calculate a Total Force exercise rating, that helps to summarize the difficulty and quality of each exercise session so that you can more conveniently track your improvement. Focusing on improving your Total Force for each exercise is a great way to confirm that you are maximizing your results and adhering to X3 best practices.

“X3 Force Bar App Screenshots”
X3 Force iOS App Screenshots

Maximize your results with data-driven workouts to help you push harder and perform better each time. With X3 Force you can:

  • View Peak Forces For Every Exercise
  • Quantify Overall Workout Quality
  • Record Workout Duration
  • Monitor Rep Consistency
  • Calculate Time Under Variable Tension

In addition to the X3 Force itself, you’ll also receive our newly developed X3 Split Squat Belt for use in tandem with the Force Bar. This provides a more ergonomic solution for performing the X3 Split Squats, while also delivering more force and greater fatigue to the Quadricep muscles. These Squat Belts are currently unavailable to the general public but will be automatically added to your cart when you preorder your X3 Force, just select your size from the size chart while ordering.

Beyond this existing functionality, the development of even more sophisticated analytics are already underway so that in the future, the X3 Force app can provide you with personalized workout feedback and advice, acting as your very own personal trainer.

A very limited quantity of X3 Force bars are available at this time, so order now, and you will not only be the first to benefit from X3 Force, but our early adopters will also receive free lifetime access to the X3 Force app.* This free app access is a perk limited exclusively to early adopters, as we expect to transition to an app subscription fee in the future, to support ongoing app development and maintenance. Customers ordering after this promotion has ended will have to pay the subscription app fee in order to use the X3 Force.

This is a preorder, X3 Force units purchased at this time can be expected to ship in less than one month.

*Free lifetime X3 Force app access applies to the original X3 Force purchaser and is not transferable. Free lifetime X3 Force app access means an eligible purchaser shall be exempt from future subscription fees that may be required to use the X3 Force app with eligible X3 Force bars. This promotion only applies to X3 Force units ordered while this promotion is actively displayed on the X3 Force product webpage. Limited time offer, only valid while supplies last.

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