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November 16, 2017

Is X3 'Just Bands'?

Can I get the X3 workout with just resistance bands? Do I really need the X3 bar?

Full Transcript #

So, we get the question from time to time. “Isn’t this just band?” or “I’ve seen a rubber band product at Walmart for 35 dollars.”

Comparing the Walmart band to X3 resistance bands #

Well, here’s the 35 dollar Walmart band product. So there’s handles and rubber, and I just wanna point out that this is something where I can actually take it and stretch it with my fingers.

So, somebody who would get an exercise benefit out of this would be like somebody in like hospice care, very deconditioned. This is kind of a gimmick.

So this is the heavy band that comes with X3, and I wanna show it by comparison. If you look at the thickness of this band, it’s similar to my thickness of my pinky finger. This is incredibly powerful. When it’s doubled over, it exceeds 300 pounds in stretch. So incredibly powerful, very different.

The ergonomics and effectiveness of using a resistance band bar #

So then another question is, “Why didn’t somebody just get a heavy resistance band and exercise with a heavy resistance band? You don’t need a fitness bar or anything else.”

Well, the problem is if I wanna do one of those 300 pound chest press kind of movements. If I throw this behind my back and go to push forward, it’s twisting my wrists outward, and I actually can’t complete a rep. Whereas, I can do 15 or 20 reps, slow repetitions and controlled, when I attach it to a fitness band bar that can then manage the force.

So, our hands are very good at gripping bars and managing them through space. Hence, we use them all over fitness. So, now I have way to grab a hold of the band, which then attaches here and then goes to the ground plate. And, this resistance band bar is specially made to have internal bearings.

So if I’m holding the band here, or if I need a move for, let’s say, an overhead press, you can see that this rotates, never compromising my grip.

So we have a way to manage the band through space and get the best exercise benefit possible.

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