December 27, 2019

Introducing IN-perium

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Exciting announcement. We now have a new product called IN-Perium. Initially, this is something I created for myself. IN-Perium is either a pre-workout or a coffee replacement, or it could be both, depending on how your day goes.

Alternative that gives lasting energy

Streamlining the bullet coffee recipe

I have done some things, and recommended some things, that aren’t the most convenient. For example, I used to put butter and MCT oil in my coffee. Then I’d put that in a blender and drink it. That drink became an appetite suppressant, and because of the MCT oil and caffeine, it would give me some energy, which also another appetite suppressant.

Those worked well together, but that whole process is kind of a mess. Like one time I went to Saudi, and they took my hand blender away from me because they just do that. They don’t like those. And there’s a lotta other countries like that, too.

It became a hassle: the traveling with butter and trying to keep it from melting in your bag. It was just crazy, and you can’t really find grass-fed butter without salt in like a lot of other places. Just an incredible hassle. And so I thought, “Okay you gotta come up with something that’s better.” So here’s what we came up with.

A powder you can mix with water (hot or cold)

Now, this is a powder that mixes in water. And you can mix it hot water or cold water, it doesn’t matter. I prefer hot water, but the team at the Jaquish Biomedical Medical Office thinks I’m nuts. They like to mix it in cold water. Either way, it mixes just fine.

MCTs and caffeine

It’s got medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for appetite suppression. It has caffeine and coffee bean extract. It’s a lot easier on the stomach when those things are mixed together. I noticed when I stopped carrying all the butter and MCT coffee stuff, I started just drinking black coffee. Then I perpetually had an upset stomach.

I don’t know if anybody drinks a tall black coffee or a venti black coffee from Starbucks? It can be a little hard on your stomach, you don’t end up feeling great, and then you have a crappy workout.

IN-Perium contains the MCT and the caffeine and the coffee bean extract.

All-Natural Energy Drink


Another thing I would always try and have on hand is electrolytes in case I felt a little but dehydrated. The lifestyle that is recommended to go along with the X3 muscle-building system is a low carbohydrate lifestyle, so this means you have to be on point with electrolytes.

That’s not always easy if you’re traveling. You may go out to dinner with friends and end up at some restaurant that barely serves anything that you would call food (which happens to me all the time). You need to make sure that you get the proper hydration, so we have some electrolytes in here also.

This combination of a number of ingredients now becomes very easy because it’s a powder that just mixes in water. You get 200 milligrams of caffeine with each serving. It’s not a ton, because I think some of the products out there are over-caffeinated. And a lot of the pre-workouts also have sucralose, which is completely toxic, and other artificial sweeteners. And then electrolytes also typically come with all kinds of phony sugar toxic stuff, just chemical garbage and or sugar.

So now we can sort of have it all. You get the fasting support, the proper hydration, the caffeine and the appetite suppressant all in one drink. You might have one first thing in the morning. You might have one at maybe 11 a.m. and then do your workout a little bit after lunchtime. Everyone knows I don’t each lunch. But maybe at two o’clock or something, that’s when the workout rolls along and you end up feeling fantastic. Stomach feels on point, great. Very high energy.

No upset stomach to interrupt your workout and it ends up being a great addition to the X3 lifestyle.

No artificial additives

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