November 12, 2018

Introducing the GHAccelerator™

Dr. John Jaquish introduces the GHAccelerator, a new companion product for X3 bar.

Now I’ve been talking about a growth hormone product (a growth hormone-focused triggering product on the Facebook users group), and a lot of people speculated what could that be. They look at my background, and some of them have had some pretty good ideas, but let me just briefly review.

How to up-regulate growth hormones

If you read the research (Jaquish, Alkire, 2016), that was where we determined stabilization firing. We showed basically a new principle of human physiology.

Stabilization firing in rapid succession can up-regulate growth hormone. That, plus load, will yield even more growth hormone.

Using the X3 bar, let’s say I’m doing a curl. What I’m holding here is probably a weight I would never be able to un-rack because I would never be able to get it through the weaker range of motion. So we’re tricking our bodies and lifting heavier in a stronger range of motion that we never otherwise would. And even when I’m doing a curl, which is a single-joint movement, there’s stabilization firing going through my core, even in my neck, and that is up-regulating growth hormone.

The important role of instability

Now the primary intervention that we looked at in that study was instability. It’s easy to measure instability and when somebody’s unstable, whether it’s on a balanced board or a vibration platform –it’s pretty uniform. So we have less variables to look at there.

How would we get a greater growth hormone effect with the X3 bar than what we’re already getting? What we want is 1 + 1 = 10, meaning maximum instability while without tipping over, and also be able to load the body in the way we do.

A vibration platform

I’m gonna show you how we pulled it off. We worked with the best vibration company in the world. This is made in America. VibePlate makes this. They make an incredible product. All their products are absolutely incredible.

This is a special vibration platform that adapts to the X3 variable resistance system. The ground plate drops right in here, fits perfectly. This is trenched so you can put the band you’re gonna use right in the trench. And this right here is a switch, which is pressure.

Unique pressure-sensitive switch

I helped them design this VibePlate so that we could have a pressure-sensitive switch on this device. So it turns on when you step on it. It’s really important because any other vibration product you can put the ground plate on, the ground plates gonna wander off after you turn it on. That’s because it’ll vibrate right off the surface because you can’t control the thing. You have no way to turn it on once you’re hanging onto the bar.

Let’s say we’re gonna do a curl. Get into position to do it, and it doesn’t turn on until I step on it. So I step on the plate, you can see by just a little bit of tension on the band, you can see the band vibrating. Now I can get into position and do that curl. So my whole body is put in a situation of a greater level of instability, thereby, more growth hormone effect. As soon as I step off, it turns off.

American-made, lifetime warranty

Okay, some detail. I know there’s gonna be a lot of questions, and I want everybody to understand the story of why we did what we did. So we partnered with VibePlate on this because, like I say, they make the best product. They make all their products in Nebraska, in the United States. And for their home use products, they have a lifetime warranty. So it tells you something about the company if they’re willing to do that.

The products have been fantastic. I’ve been using their products for years. Even though I was chief science officer of the largest vibration company in the world, I always liked their product. It just delivers, it’s fantastic. Never had a complaint. Never had anybody say, “Well, you know, I don’t particularly like this one.”

They make a super high quality product with a military-grade kind of steel. It’s made of steel, by the way. Not the platform’s feet, ‘cause you wanna dampen some of the vibration that goes into the floor. That’s something to keep in mind: where you put it. Concrete floors are better. You’ll probably use it in your garage at home.

Vibration rate optimized and based on research

This device is specially fixed and calibrated at 30 Hertz. The reason we did that is the most positive research is at 30 Hertz. One of the things that people do with vibration platforms (because they don’t know what they’re doing and they haven’t read any of the research) is they see a dial and they turn it.

Now the calibration of the dial is questionable to begin with, and then they want to turn it all the way up because they think if medium or low, or 30 Hertz, is good, then 60 must be better. Well, the problem that is muscles don’t go into reflexive firing beyond 30-ish Hertz. And 30 Hertz has the most research.

So what happens at the higher Hertz is the muscles go into tetanus. They just lock up. And you know what tetanus means: you lock your jaw when you have that dysfunction. The vibration actually does nothing when going beyond 30 Hertz for most individuals.

We have this product specially made so you can’t screw with that and screw up your workout, which people are doing all over the world with these different products. So ours is very high quality. A fantastic, great experience. It feels fantastic.

One thing that you’ll notice is there’s a serotonin release, which makes you feel fantastic after you use it. You feel even better than you normally do with your X3 bar workout.

What about g-forces?

So I won’t mention the company that started using that term, g-forces. But basically what they did was take the acceleration of the plate and say because of the rate it’s coming at you, they use mathematics to factor how that’s sort of amplifying your body weight because of the rate at which it’s hitting you.

Well, the problem with that argument is that would have to affect your whole body. The vibration is perceptible, like you feel it for sure. But your tendons, your ligaments, your reflexes? I mean, the whole point of the GHAccelerator, that’s the name of the product, the whole point is to trigger reflexes. Well, reflexes decelerate you. So your body never manifests these g-forces.

So any company that started talking about g-forces, they’re just selling. It’s a fraudulent way to sell. Because they’re trying to make a bone-density argument or something that all these g-forces are gonna really do you a favor. Total b.s. That would be like putting a blinking light on your treadmill and then telling the person who’s running on the treadmill, “You’re running at the speed of light because the light is hitting you at the speed of light”! Totally stupid. Don’t pay any attention to that kind of stuff. It’s just complete crap.

So I hope you can check this out. If you ask a bunch of questions and we get some of the same questions over and over again, we’re going to do some more instructional videos, and I’ll show you how to apply the GHAccelerator to your X3 bar workout.

It is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been testing it for a couple weeks now. It’s going to be under $1400 and will be on our website very soon. And it works with your existing X3 home gym. Just drop it into the end of the ground plate.

I also want to show you the new iPhone case, it says, “Beyond weights, beyond cardio,” So that’s in our Rewards Program for anybody who wants to refer their friends to check out X3 bar.

You can earn one of these, and we have some great coffee mugs and other promotional stuff. So you can let all your friends know why you’re in such fantastic shape. If you have any questions, please find us on Facebook. Find me on Instagram and ask away. Thanks.

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