Why does X3 have so many negative reviews?

The product is both successful and controversial which often invites criticism, but most of these people either haven’t researched the product and don’t understand how it works, or are really jealousy driven, from a “why I didn’t think of that” category.

The vast majority of comments disparaging the product are from people who have not read or are unwilling to read the science, and have never seen or experienced the product. You can see many of these people on bodybuilding.com, this site has a variety of people who are negative, but you can tell from their comments that are both nonsensical and obviously not accurate on basic functions of the product, that they have no clue what they are talking about.

This situation comes from the different, science based thinking and logic that drove the innovation of X3. For this reason, some negativity is pointed personally at Dr. Jaquish.

There is a third category of negative comments coming from gym owners, or trainers pitch their own highly complicated routines and who therefore have an obvious conflict of interest. They do not like seeing an absolutely complete system and simple program that fits in a bag that can go on your back, or sit in a drawer when you get home, which offers greater results than they can deliver.

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