Will I bulk up and build muscle using X3? (as a man and as a woman)

The X3 workout system provides high quality strength training and nutritional advice to help people of all fitness goals to build muscle and lose fat. You can build muscle, be stronger, and more toned without bulking up your muscles. You wont accidentally look like a bodybuilder without eating like one! The heavily muscled and bulked up look comes largely from dietary choices.

As a male, provided the proper amount of quality protein is consumed, muscle will be gained. Some X3 users have gained as much as 20lbs in 6 months time, just check out the thousands of reviews and testimonials on our website to get an idea of the outcomes various X3 owners have achieved.

Women, however, have much lower average testosterone than men, and without male equivalent anabolic hormone levels, women will not gain substantial muscle mass with X3 or any other strength training method. Women should expect to see a fat loss effect because of the growth hormone release associated with self stabilized exercises like X3 (Jaquish, Alkire, 2016) and will also be likely to see better posture and more defined, feminine lines. See examples of women using X3 for these goals on this site and in the X3 Users Groups .

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