Am I too short or too tall for X3? Are my shoulders too wide?

How long is the X3 bar? #

The X3 Elite bar is 21.5 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter, and weighs in at 4 pounds.

Are my shoulders too wide? #

People take a wide grip on a bench press bar because it becomes an easier exercise, or creates the illusion of gained strength. Basically the range is shorter stimulates less muscle growth.

You can see this when an individual is at the top of the range of motion. When someone takes a wide grip is the pectoral close to being fully contracted? No. With a close grip? Yes.

X3 is designed to get you as strong as possible, not so people can play games with leverage so they can pretend they got stronger by widening their grip. A close grip, and fully contracted pectorals will get you muscle growth faster, especially with the strong levels of variable resistance that X3 provides. After you grow, if you want to show off on a regular bench press you can certainly do that, but THAT activity is for ego, not growth. Know the difference.

Am I too tall or too short for X3? #

We have never come across anyone who is too tall, even NBA teams use X3 and this still has not occurred. The X3 is designed for use by everyone through the variable resistance of the X3 bands! Members of the X3 community have found success no matter their height. They range from petite 4'11" tall users to professional basketball players who are 6'10" with 7'1" arm spans. Our shorter users often shorten their X3 bands .

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