Support / X3 Workout Fundamentals

Will the muscle gained from using X3 be symmetrical?

If you follow the program you should build wonderful symmetry with X3! A barbell style workout like X3 is much better for building muscle symmetry than a dumbbell workout which is actually one of the reasons we don’t offer handle attachments with the X3.

Will TSA let me carry on my X3 bar traveling on a flight?

We recommend that you put your X3 in a checked bag to avoid any potential troubles with TSA. Many TSA agents will stop travelers trying to carry on their X3.

Would there be benefit to adding exercises along with the X3 routine?

If you are doing the routine correctly you’ll have taken the muscles to full fatigue so you likely wouldn’t be able to do additional exercises. That said, if you would like to participate in additional workouts, we advise completing a complete 12 week X3 program first.

Can I use separate handles with the X3? Or use X3 for one arm pulls?

The strongest people in the world use barbells (two hand grip) not dumbbells (one hand grip). There is a neurological reason for this that the majority of fitness enthusiasts are completely unaware of: If your body were to interface with a heavy object in a natural environment, would you just use one hand to pick it up? Of course not, that would be …

What bands should I use? How many reps should I do?

It’s counterproductive to use a heavier band to fatigue with less reps instead of a lighter band with more reps (up to 40). If you make the force so high that you can only do 3 reps, you’re undermining the benefits of the variable resistance. You want to keep in mind, because we are using variable resistance with X3, we are also using …

Why does my X3 band look worn, frayed, or torn?

Latex is a soft material, and as such, it can take little nicks and scratches on the first layer facing the outside. This is no cause for alarm and the difference is purely cosmetic. Think about a new set of tires. They look great the day you buy the car, but after you drive 500 miles on them, then definitely don’t look new anymore. Still, they are …