How much does the X3 bar workout system cost?

We engineered the X3 system to support the large forces of the X3 workouts and be a long lasting, complete home gym. Cheap home workout products and cheap resistance bands support a capacity less than 10% of the X3 system (under 50 pounds compared to over 500 pounds).

To trigger tremendous muscle growth it takes large forces. We engineered the X3 Elite bar and X3 Elite ground plate to hold over 500 pounds of force. To support these high weights, the X3 bar is made of machined alloy steel with internal bearings (like an olympic bar) and the X3 ground plate is made of steel. Both are incredibly durable and will potentially last forever.

X3 resistance bands are made of incredibly powerful layered natural latex and offer resistance up to 300 pounds. For advanced users, over 500 pounds of resistance is possible with the X3 Elite Band, sold separately.

The X3 system also includes an intensive 12 week exercise and nutrition program based on extensive research.

In total, the X3 complete home gym costs $549.00 USD (plus local tax) and offers resistance of 10 pounds to more than 300 pounds.