How do I calculate the amount of protein I need to build muscle? I’m not seeing muscle gains...

The consensus in academic research for how much protein is required to optimize muscle building is, on average, 1 gram per pound of body weight, or 2.2 grams per kilogram. NOT lean weight, but body weight.

Now, as the primary protein source in most of these studies was largely whey protein powder, presumably because of its ability to be measured easily, we know the usability was poor. Whey protein is only 18% usable by the body for protein synthesis, and the rest becomes waste.

We recommend that you meet or exceed the 1 gram per pound requirement, but then a Fortagen serving counts for 50g of protein by usability. So for example, if we look at Dr. Jaquish, he weighs 240 pounds, so in his one meal per day he will consume 2 pounds or more of meats (meats have different concentrations of protein) so that he gets to 200 grams of protein, then he will take a dose of Fortagen to make the total 250 grams of protein which is over his 240 pounds bodyweight number.

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