Why is the X3 even more effective with the GH Accelerator?

We offer a high-quality vibrating platform that is manufactured in the USA, and we stand behind our product with a Lifetime Warranty for all customers. To do this, we’ve partnered with VibePlate, the leader and most trusted name in Whole Body Vibration platforms, to build the GH Accelerator.

If you look at other VibePlate products for a price comparison then you will see that our device is very reasonably priced and better optimized for your X3’s performance. We believe that our price point offers the most cost-effective solution to experience even more benefits while using X3.

Using X3 and GH Accelerator together will encourage your body to produce increased levels of human growth hormone. This helps in the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles, bones, and other tissues. Your body will also produce more serotonin and less cortisol, which makes you feel better with less feelings of stress and anxiety.