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bioDensity featured during the health segment of Chicago's Fox-32 Midday news show

Chicago's Fox-32 | June 18, 2015

bioDensity was featured during the health segment of Chicago's Fox-32 Midday news show. The segment focused on the origin of bioDensity, and how Dr. Dr. John Jaquish developed the first device to treat his mother's osteoporosis. After reversing her condition, now bioDensity helps thousands of people worldwide.

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Osteogenic training builds strength, wards off bone loss

Albuquerque Journal | June 23, 2014

Clients at OsteoStrong also use a vibration plate before and after the exercise session to stimulate the neuromuscular and neuroendocrine pathways. They then relax on a special massage table with a variable pulsed water jet vibration, enclosed in a tube, along the spine.

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Static Contraction Training

Osteoporosis Institute | June 19, 2013

Tony Robbins has a new, safer way to perform Static Contraction Training, which can provide incredible health benefits, including increasing bone density.

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A Fitness Revolution

Club Solutions | February 3, 2009

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Instagram Influencer Dr. John Jaquish Advocates Superior Technique For High-Performance Lifestyle | January 1, 0001

According to Dr. John Jaquish, this new wave of transition towards weight training is due to the impact it has on the performance of the body

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The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Strong Bones through Osteogenic Loading

Natural Nurse | January 1, 0001

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN interviews Dr. John Jaquish about osteogenic loading. Dr. Jaquish began his experience in life sciences after being told by his Mother that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. John, in an effort to help his mother, created a device to place axial loading through bone to safely cause Osteogenic Loading events.

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