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The End of Osteoporosis, Thanks to My Mom

By on Jan 20, 2019

The End of Osteoporosis, Thanks to My Mom

The End of Osteoporosis, Thanks to My Mom See the original on

As I began to learn about bone density loss over the course of 4 years of research I came to the conclu- sion that this dysfunction was a result of lack of use, as opposed to a natural part of aging (as many mistakenly think). Well, if bone is not being used to the appropriate levels, let’s figure out how to use it, right? I identified research studies that showed the highest levels of bone density were the result from high impact, and that’s why gymnasts are the group of athletes who have the strongest bones. Now I knew that impact, while very beneficial, was also dangerous.

This brought light to the new research question: How do I create a device that gives the benefit of impact to bone without the risk of injury? This was where Skeletal Strength therapy was born. I designed a medical device that would place loads on the skeletal system at similar levels that impact does, but comfortably and without risk of injury. This device allowed the users to load bones using their own comfort as a guide guaranteeing a greater level of safety. The results of bone density improvements were also seen in research, ranging from 7% to 16% gains, which are changes that can bring patients out of diagnosis levels of osteoporosis. These are the results my mother saw as she began using the device and returning to the bone density of a 30 year old in her early 70’s.

This took her 18 months to do and, much to her appreciation, without side ef- fects.” The device that was developed by Dr. John Jaquish about 10 years ago is now available through OsteoStrong, a U.S. based company with over one hundred franchises in the U.S., Europe and Australia. In the last 6 years over 50,000 people have already seen benefits from OsteoStrong’s Skeletal Strength Program. The first OsteoStrong centers in Connecticut are located in Greenwich and Darien. Fox News interviewed Dr. Jaquish and his mother. The interview can be watched on or at www.os-

Have you ever thought that the love for a mother could help diminish the physical pain of millions of people? This is a question frequently asked of Dr. John Jaquish, PhD. Here is his story: “Like most university students, I came home from school one weekend hoping my mother would be thrilled to do my laundry and feed me. I suppose most kids worried about finals, papers they needed to write, thinking they are the center of the universe, and I was no different. But on this day, something was o when I walked into the kitchen.

My Mom looked so sad. Suddenly I wasn’t hungry anymore, and I forgot all about my laundry. I asked her what was wrong… She told me that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and she was worried that all of the outdoor activities she loved would have to come to an end. She also knew there was up to 25% chance of death within one year of a hip fracture, over the age of 50. And that statistic is unnerving.

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