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Take Your X3 Workouts to the Next Level

Resistance Band Accessories

Make your home gym complete with X3 workout accessories from Jaquish Biomedical.

X3 Bar Elite Band

X3 Elite Band

Reach new levels of strength with our heaviest resistance band, which produces over 600 lbs of force. With Elite Band, even the strongest athletes can completely fatigue their muscle for optimal muscle growth.


X3 Bar Carrying Case

X3 Bar Carrying Case

A sleek, space-efficient gym bag, the X3 Bar Carrying Case makes it easy to carry around your X3 and bands so you can get in a workout anytime, anywhere.


X3 Bar GHAccelerator


Maximize X3 workout results with the GHAccelerator, a whole-body vibration plate that naturally increases HGH levels in the body so you can build muscle and lose fat faster.


Fitness Book and Workout Tracker App

Read Dr.Jaquish's best-selling book to discover a superior approach to strength training and download our workout log app to track every x3 workout.

Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time by Dr. John Jaquish cover

Weightlifting is a Waste of Time

In his WSJ best-selling book, Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time, Dr. Jaquish discusses why weightlifting is a failed endeavor and presents a far superior solution.

X3 Bar Tracker App

X3 Bar Workout Tracker App

Download the free X3 Bar Tracker App, a X3 workout log app available for both iOS and Android. Use the X3 Bar App to record X3 workouts and track your overall progress.