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FRACTUREPROOF is a unique research-based exercise monitor app that helps you understand what effect your exercise routines are likely to have on bone health. 

Research published in 2012 provided the first clear evidence of what minimum level of impact force one must experience in order to stimulate constructive remodeling of bone.  FRACTUREPROOF lets you evaluate your exercise in the context of this research.

With FRACTUREPROOF you use the location services sensors already in your phone to track impact forces you experience as you move around.  You can then store the peak impacts from each session, and compare that to the impact levels associated with bone health in current research. You can also see how, as your fitness improves, this impact-loading can improve.

You can also record Osteogenic Loading therapy sessions, and that data appears alongside regular exercise sessions to provide a complete picture of your exercise history and it’s relation to exercise intensity levels associated with increased bone density.


FRACTUREPROOF feature highlights:

            -concise, elegant design

            -record impacts you experience while walking, running, jumping, etc. using your phone’s built-in accelerometer

            -record osteogenic loading therapy sessions

            -review your saved exercise session history

            -compare the impacts you experience while exercising to the impacts research indicates are required to improve bone density

            -cloud storage of your data in highly secure datacenters means your exercise history is protected from unauthorized access and       available across multiple devices.